Justice ‘Hacked the Hackers’ of Hive Ransomware, Stopping $130M in Demands (Nextgov)


    An image of a seized ransomeware website is displayed at a press conference where the U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland made an announcement on an international ransomware enforcement action at the U.S. Justice Department on January 26, 2023 in Washington, DC.

    Justice ‘Hacked the Hackers’ of Hive Ransomware, Stopping $130M in Demands – Kirsten Errick (Nextgov) / Jan 26, 2023

    It took national and international cooperation to thwart the group, who targeted more than 1,500 victims.

    After a months-long effort, the Department of Justice has disrupted the Hive ransomware group—which the FBI labeled a top 5 ransomware threat—according to an announcement on Thursday.

    The efforts of the DOJ and international partners “hacked the hackers,” hindering $130 million in ransom demands, according to Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco.

    Hive ransomware group went after more than 1,500 victims in 80-plus countries, the announcement noted. Victims included hospitals, school districts, financial firms and critical infrastructure.

    These attacks have greatly disrupted victims’ operations, such as impacting a hospital’s response to COVID-19, the DOJ stated. Specifically, one hospital had to use analog methods to treat existing patients and could not accept new patients after the attack.

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