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Justin Amash’s Vision for the Libertarian Party (Reason)


Justin Amash’s Vision for the Libertarian Party – By Zach Weissmueller & Nick Gillespie (Reason) / June 17, 2022

The Libertarian former congressman on the Mises Caucus takeover, his embrace of “liberalism,” and political strategy.

“I think that the [Libertarian Party’s] emphasis should be on getting us back to our roots as a country,” says Justin Amash. “What this country is about is liberalism in the classical sense, the idea that people should be free…to make their own decisions about their lives, and government to the extent possible should just stay out of it.”

Amash was a Republican congressman from Michigan once described by Politico as the House’s “new Ron Paul” because of his willingness to buck party-line votes on principle. He switched his party affiliation to Libertarian in his fifth and final term, making him the party’s highest officeholder since its founding in 1971. He explored a run for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination in 2020 before changing his mind, paving the way for a run by longtime Libertarian Party member Jo Jorgensen.

Amash was in Reno, Nevada, during the Mises Caucus takeover of the Libertarian Party. He is not a member of the caucus but plans to remain in the party.

CONTINUE > https://reason.com/video/2022/06/17/justin-amashs-vision-for-the-libertarian-party/

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