Kansas Republican Rep. Steve Watkins charged with voter fraud (Politico)


    Kansas Republican Rep. Steve Watkins charged with voter fraud – By John Bresnahan and Ally Mutnick (Politico) / July 14 2020

    Watkins’ father is under investigation by Federal Election Commission probe as well

    Kansas GOP Rep. Steve Watkins was charged Tuesday with three felony counts of voter fraud related to the 2019 municipal elections, according to court records.

    But the freshman lawmaker dismissed the charges as politically motivated, claiming the prosecutor bringing the case has ties to a GOP primary opponent.

    Watkins was charged by Shawnee County District Attorney Michael Kagay with “Interference with a law enforcement officer, falsely report a felony intending to obstruct; voting without being qualified; and knowingly mark/transmit more than one advance ballot,” according to Shawnee County court records.

    Watkins also faces a misdemeanor charge of failing to tell the Department of Motor Vehicles of his address change.

    Kagay’s office could not be reached for comment.

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