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Kanye West Unveils His Presidential Platform (Reason)


Kanye West Unveils His Presidential Platform – By Brian Doherty (Reason) / Aug 12 2020

Is the Kanye 2020 platform designed to steal votes from Joe Biden?

Kanye West’s presidential campaign, which has so far seen only one actual campaign event, continues to crawl forward, with the help of professionals generally associated with the Republican Party. Efforts to get West on the ballot in some states, including Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Illinois, are already being challenged as fraudulent.

West seemed to endorse the idea that he’s in it to hurt the Democrats to the only reporter that he seems inclined to talk to, Randall Lane of Forbes. “I’m not denying it; I just told you,” West texted back when Lane pressed him on the idea that West’s campaign was going to serve as a spoiler against Biden. West currently polls nationally at around 2 percent.

Kanye 2020 has now released something like a platform of policies and stances, each and every one of which is buttressed by a quote from the Bible.

If West really is hoping to win and if Republicans are indeed deliberately helping him based on the belief that West will siphon more votes away from Democratic candidate Joe Biden than from Republican President Donald Trump, does that platform seem intelligently crafted for the purpose of taking votes away from Biden?

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