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Kayleigh McEnany blames Obama for golfing after Daniel Pearl’s murder — which happened in 2002


There are surrogates that are well versed, even when they go off script, but there are those that just spew info that does not line up. If you’re gonna blame an Administration or a past/present POTUS on something, at least get the timeline correct. And it is these folks that are not helping POTUS Donnie by any means – PB/TK

Kayleigh McEnany blames Obama for golfing after Daniel Pearl’s murder — which happened in 2002 by Brad Reed March 28 2017

Trump supporter Kayleigh McEnany went on CNN Monday evening to try to deflect criticism of President Donald Trump’s recent failure to pass his proposed Obamacare replacement.

Instead, however, she pulled a page from the Katrina Pierson playbook by trying to blame former President Barack Obama for something that happened long before he became president.

During a discussion of presidential golf habits, McEnany insisted that conservatives’ criticisms of Obama weren’t just that he golfed, but that he golfed at inappropriate times.

“You had President Obama, who after I believe it was the beheading of Daniel Pearl, spoke to how upset he was about that, then rushed off to a golf game,” she said. “I think when we’re in a state of war, when we’re in a state of mourning, you should take time off from golfing.”

The trouble, of course, is that Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan in February 2002, or roughly seven years before Obama became president.

Continue to rawstory.com article: http://www.rawstory.com/2017/03/watch-kayleigh-mcenany-blames-obama-for-golfing-after-daniel-pearls-murder-which-happened-in-2002/



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