Home Liberal Lauren Boebert talks monkeypox and “zombie Reagan” on BlazeTV (Salon)

Lauren Boebert talks monkeypox and “zombie Reagan” on BlazeTV (Salon)


Lauren Boebert talks monkeypox and “zombie Reagan” on BlazeTV – By Kelly McClure (Salon) / Aug 5, 2022

In an interview on BlazeTV’s “The News & Why it Matters,” Boebert echoes Reagan’s views on federal guidance

On Thursday, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) appeared on BlazeTV’s “The News & Why it Matters” to discuss her views on monkeypox in relation to the Democratic Party and the midterm elections; calling into question what “zombie Reagan” would have to say on the matter.

Host Sara Gonzales opened the episode offering her own take on monkeypox to both Boebert and guest Jaco Booyens, host of “The Bottom Line,” saying “It’s important enough to declare it a public health emergency, but not important enough to cancel any sort of San Francisco Pride gay festivals.”

“Just like you said, they’re not cancelling just where the outbreaks are taking place, but go back to COVID — they shut down our churches, they shut down our schools . . .” Boebert says when Gonzales passes the topic over to her. “We know exactly what causes this monkeypox, and they’re not doing anything. Actually, you’re a bigot if you talk about it.”

The statements Gonzales and Boebert make here are in reference to the outbreak being, as of now, a primary threat amongst men who have sex with men, according to World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

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