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Let the “War on Christmas” commence! But don’t forget to checkout the Sales table along the way


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With the kiddos bell jingling and everyone telling you “be of good cheer”. What, wait be of good cheer, it’s Christmas dammit how dare you by of cheer and not mention Jesus’ birth!

That’s right folks, it’s Dec 1 and that means the “War on Christmas” can begin.

No, no, Black Friday might be the official beginning of Christmas shopping holiday, but the battles begin a week later.

Aw yes, stores playing songs of Santa, the sights of Santa on Pepsi bottles and Coca-Cola trucks, mailboxes filled with Sales flyers and don’t forget those awesome BOGO deals. Yes, it’s a joyous time

Seriously, I’m tired of the supposed “War on Christmas” and the insinuated claims that no one can say “Merry Christmas” and only “Happy Holiday” is a giant lump of coal, yet the emotional baggage between generations is easy to knee jerk on as we are a gullible society and believe anything that we’re told enough times.

I’ve battled this delusion for a few years and the whole “Let’s put ‘Christ’ back in Christmas” battle cry. Folks, Christ is still there, it’s you, yes you, who has taken or diminished his role as you go gung-ho on a shopping extravaganza.

Thanks to commercialization and the notion that everything gets a price tag, Santa bounced Baby Jesus out of the inflatable yard manger.

I don’t care how religious one states they are, there’s always a bargain that can’t be missed. Wives, grandmas, daughters and aunts plan all day shopping gatherings and sometimes travel ludicrous miles to find that one special gift for BoBo the beloved Yorkie Terrier.

Think about, after Christmas mass how many rush home to get little Timmy/Susie home to bed because Santa is on the way and you got gifts to finish wrapping? Don’t by shy, come on raise your hand.

It’s our own fault that the past generations of children have grown up knowing more of Santa and the elves then Jesus and the 3 wise men. Seriously if the Donkey in the manger had a name, someone would find a way to profit from it.

How many sit around from Dec 1 thru Dec 24 too watch a Burl Ives snowman sing Christmas carols or the Best Christmas Baking Cook-Off? Or spend 10 hours on Christmas Day watching “A Christmas Story” marathon?

Hey maybe Baby Jesus should’ve had a better PR team and got his own sugary cereal for the kids to cheer and a special commemorative manger he might be more relevant then a fat guy hanging out with a few dozen elves.

Nope, it’s easier to point a crooked finger and blame some atheist for being offended over the words “Merry Christmas” then look at their own hypocrisy for the sake of Christmas smiles and all the awesomeness under the tree.

Here’s a better point, which is the greater celebration; The birth of Christ or Rising of Christ?

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and Easter should have the greater complaint by my Christian friends, it’s the rising/rebirth of Christ, yet just like Christmas, it gets mutes by pastel colors, chocolate eggs (and crucifix), people worrying about eating fish sandwiches on Fridays and a fuzzy Rabbit hiding eggs for kids to hunt.

OK, it’s wrong to hold one religious holiday in a higher regard then another, but come on, I don’t recall Bill O’Reilly taking to the airwaves, pulling at your heart as you tune in for ratings glory or writing a book to profit from for Easter as he does for Christmas. Wait did he write a book about the “War?” Well, his own sins got him fired anyway, so unless you buy a subscription to his website, he’s not gonna spew the nonsense this year.

You, yeah you, are the true enemy of the supposed “War” It’s you who become a crazed loon, shopping and spending, making sure everyone possible gets a heavily discounted gift of gratitude from the garbage man to the postal worker and even that dreaded public school teacher that is failing to educate your child properly in the Christian way.

Please don’t begin the bang the drum on bringing Christ back into the public school system as it’s stale as well. You want your child to learn faith along with their studies, then send them to a religious school. But note, I’m not against children learning about religions during this time of year as there are many religious celebrations between Thanksgiving and the New Year. However that would start an avalanche of nauseating ill-informed parents screaming stupidity about “indoctrination against my child’s religious belief.”

Well that would be from the Christian sect, because I have never heard complaints about non-Hanukkah decorations at the mall or lack of such in the school play.

Yet that day is coming because everything must be segregated as people only care about themselves and actually wanting to learn… unless it’s from their favorite partisan talking head.

That’s it, slap the tap, refill the sugar jar, while I enjoy a Sweet Baby Jesus ale poured into an inappropriate Starbucks cup and pay your political tab.



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