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Let’s begin 2020 with an incoherent resolution


It’s 2020 and everyone’s making their resolutions.

Of course the usual “promises” hit the list to start the year:

  1. Get Healthy
  2. Go to the gym
  3. Positivity
  4. Safe more money
  5. Find the right soul mate

Then there’s the impossible list:

  1. Get out of debt
  2. Find a new/better job
  3. Listen more/react less

I kinda like the last one, because it hits every single person on social media, especially in political thought going into a POTUS Election year.

Face it folks, in 2016 more people voted for Donnie because they didn’t want to see Hillary in the White House, not because of his political promises. Everyone needs to blame the DEM’ers for going all in on a person as divisive as Hillary from the get-go. They failed themselves, not the system.

But here we are, four years later and the DEM’ers are still going to the old wily career politicians in hopes they’ve got one more play left in them to win.

DEM’ers need to open their ears, keep their mouths shut, pay attention and not throw everything into one person immediately. Bernie, Grandpa Joe and Lizzie just aren’t gonna cut it, especially when Medicare For All and Tax the Wealthy are stump speech mainstays. It gets old (no that wasn’t an age joke)

Luckily (I guess), the field is dwindling down, but it doesn’t mean someone can’t jump in last second to steal the spotlight.

Curious as to why Bloomberg’s entrance wasn’t as big a splash as expected? Oh stop with the “he’s a billionaire” cry, DEM’ers have their fair share of “millionaires and billionaires” holding corporate seats, congressional seats and living in palatial estates.

Plus this whole “Impeachment” charade never needed to happen and if it did this time last year was the starting point, not heading into Election season

Oh? You there on the Right, you need to be quiet as well.

Your Party is equally a hot mess, phony outrage at anything negative Donnie and tearing open old wounds needs to stop.

Yes the phony outrage about a 2014 to present Home Alone 2 Donnie scene edit is just a pathetic slow news holiday reach for the base’s Christmas money.

And no, when a source like the Drudge Report posts a negative article about Donnie does not mean the source has taken a Liberal turn. It means you’re a sucker and react without listening. You don’t realize those that push the “Liberal turn” or “latest Never Trumper” talk are only looking for your clicks. They offer nothing but furthering your phony outrage with theirs.

And if I read one more Reagan to Trump comparison, I’m seriously gonna go nuclear.

For years all we’ve heard from the Conservative talking heads is how great Reagan was and there will be no one in comparison. Yet so many, Media and Base, have turned cheek and Reagan has lost his pedestal.

Hell in some polls, Donnie even takes Lincoln out at the knees.

Reagan had to care for a nation coming out of the dismal 70’s and sure he ran up the government credit card and over extended the IOU vouchers, the plan did it’s job in hopes it would keep rolling and never plateau too which it did. Donnie walked into a recovery that was already turning for the positive, he had little to do but build on top of it.

But the comparison ends with personality. Yes Reagan was a career politician, like it or not it’s truth. But Reagan was dignified and composed even when the Media or opposition punched low, he knew how to handle people. Donnie is the complete opposite, a whiny, bratty, sniffling petulant child used to people kissing his ass and bullying his way through life. I can’t wait for someone to punch the bully in his glass jaw.

I did promise myself that i would post more personal articles. More ranting as you wish. Life has brought me to just placing quick rants on Facebook and Twitter and the occassional non-coherent rant here on the website.

There used to be a time when i wrote for me, not for others. I used to enjoy delving into a weekly topic, doing the hard research to validate thought followed by a quick rant. The 24 hour news cycle along with the plethora of other sites scurrying around trying to find their edge to grab your attention makes it hard to keep up.

I really enjoy hearing folks dropping word they like politicallybrewed.com site for the all around presentation of what passes for news by Left and Right media. To those folks, thank you for sticking with me. I can honestly say I, well I mean the site is more news-junky then complete politics.

So as I return to the “2020 Resolution” thought, yes I do plan on writing more, weekly round-up ranting is the starter.

Please bare with me.

That’s it, like a chair shot to the head the coffee-kegger is dry, so pay the political tab


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