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Let’s form a Protest March. Shut up and Suck it up Buttercup


For some odd reason, some 30+ hours after the US election I’ve got James Brown’s “Living In America” playing in my head, but not for the uppity up feeling the song portrays but for the fact that America has not changed yet, in fact we’ve become dumber and not for the fact of electing Donnie as President.

Scratch that, not all have become dumber just the popular vote majority.

It’s very simple folks, it’s called Democracy not Thunderdome with “One man enter, One man leaves” rules. You vote = most votes win. You should be upset with the Democratic Party and not the GOP or Donnie.

Be upset with the Democrats putting on bets on Hillary and failing

Be upset with the Democrats for not having a strong enough roster to win back the Senate

Ok voice your opinion, hold a protest march in half dozen cities over the Election results, but what will it change? Donnie aint gonna relinquish his soon to be throne.

These illegal pop-up protest marches over the Election just need to stop because it’s obvious one cannot regulate their emotions. Yes they are illegal if they did not have a permit to do so but because police officers show up in riot gear doesn’t give one the outlandish right of throwing rocks or bottles at them. They are there to not only protect the protesters but to protect the public and property from stupidity.

I know, that’s crazy to think America can change overnight after all it only took how many years for all forms of racism to end. Yet I can see why people fear a Donnie admin but is it warranted over spoken words. Yes his brashness helped propel him to victory and that brashness also caused a 700 point drop in the Stock Market, yet his tone has changed since being declared the victor which helped stabilize those that play the Stock Market game.

Yet the fear shouldn’t be directed at Donnie, but that of one party controlling government. As much as the GOP/Conservative whine about DEM/Liberals bending over to special interests, GOP’ers get bent more often especially in the realm of Christian Right.I don’t need to run on as to why the LBTGQ and Muslim groups have great reason to fear a GOP controlled government; all they have fought for may be tossed away by a simple floor vote in DC or are holding onto the thinnest of hope that the government will protect them.

So chant, kick, scream, pout and sniffle all you want just pull up your big boy/girl pants and suck it up buttercup because you may not have cast a vote for Donnie he is your President beginning on Jan 20, 2017 at 1200p.

And stop the “well in 2008 the GOP and others said that Obama ain’t their president” crap. It’s pathetically sad and my 10 year old can debate better then that over a can of Pringles



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