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Let’s play a quick conspiracy game (politically brewed)


It was announced that POTUS Joey’s July 4th vaccination target that 70% of the American population getting their COVID jab is gonna be missed.

Gotta wonder, with all these “incentives” being proposed from concert ticket giveaways to free beer/food or whatever, why are so many States lagging in their numbers?

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Who doesn’t want to get back to normal?

I’ve said it before, where are the incentives for those of us that have been responsible and got our shots? Where’s my Walgreens $25 discount card?

Then again if getting back to normal means daily reports of death, destruction and mass shootings, well then we’re right on track.

However let’s play conspiracy theory for a second and let your true partisan nature release: What if POTUS Joey’s missed target was simply political?

Wait, come back, think about it. In today’s pure political hatred of the opposition and thought, it wouldn’t be far-fetched that people are so cemented in political thought that they would hold back on getting jabbed to spite POTUS Joey. Ya know, he missed the “mark” so now it becomes a campaign fact and only to get the shot weeks later.

Hey, why else would stats show that “Red” States are far behind in their COVID jabs then the “Blue” States

Oops, I mean those States that went for then-POTUS Donnie are lagging in jabs, since some “Red” State did go for POTUS Joey

Just sayin’



Delta variant threat looms large in states with lagging vaccination rates – CBS News



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