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Lewandowski: Kelly Will Stay, Sanders Leaves After Midterms (Newsmax)


Lewandowski: Kelly Will Stay, Sanders Leaves After Midterms – By John Gizzi (newsmax.com) / Aug 15 2018

Gen. John Kelly will stay on as White House chief of staff through 2020, onetime Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski predicts.

Lewandowski also told Newsmax he felt press secretary Sarah Sanders will not remain “behind the podium” in the White House press briefing room after the November midterm elections.

Lewandowski, the first of Donald Trump’s three national campaign managers in 2016, shared his predictions Wednesday morning at a Washington, D.C., press breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor.

When we asked whether he felt Kelly would remain as the Trump’s chief of staff through the end of the term, Lewandowski replied: “John Kelly stays as long as John Kelly wants. That’s a clear directive from the president.”

Noting the chief of staff traditionally serves 18 months and Kelly has been on the job for just over a year, Lewandowski pointed out “there has been less turnover” under the retired U.S. Marine general than under his predecessor Reince Priebus.

Lewandowski said he believes “the edict has come down” from the president to his staff: “If you want to stay on for the remainder of the term — 17 or 18 months — then stay. But if you don’t want to, then leave now.”

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders will not stay through the year,” Lewandowski said. “I’d say that’s very likely.”

He added it can be very difficult to be speaking “from behind that podium.”

Regarding which Cabinet members or White House staffers will leave after the midterm elections this fall, Lewandowski said “there is a natural progression of individuals who will leave after the midterm elections.

“Members of the Cabinet are generally happy,” Lewandowski told us. “But one or two of the Cabinet members will depart.”



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