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Liberal Reporter on FISA Abuse Report: ‘Take Out the Word ‘Trump’ and It’d Be an Obvious National Scandal’ (Townhall)


Liberal Reporter on FISA Abuse Report: ‘Take Out the Word ‘Trump’ and It’d Be an Obvious National Scandal’ – By Matt Vespa (Townhall) / Dec 11 2019

The Department of Justice’s inspector general report on Obama-era FISA abuses is out and the media is rushing to highlight that there was no bias when it came to the FBI’s investigation into the allegations that the Trump campaign had Russia ties. We know there was no Russian collusion. It was a myth and peddled by the media for two years. The Mueller report torched that narrative. And it did so by shredding the infamous, unverified, and totally debunked Trump dossier. That document is ground zero for this nonsense. It’s what set off the counterintelligence probe which then became the special counsel investigation. It’s formed the basis for this Russian collusion nonsense. And it was the basis for the FISA spy warrant against Carter Page, a former Trump campaign official.

It’s now clear this document was garbage. I mean the errors in the dossier could’ve been discovered through a Google search. And yet, this document was cited as credible evidence. It was political opposition research funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrats. Even some within British intelligence were skeptical of the document. So, why all of the screw-ups in the process? There were 17 of them, which included altering information, omitting other pieces, including exculpatory evidence relating to Page. Oh, and in case you missed that part of the hearing—yeah, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz is before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, no evidence was unearthed that Page was a foreign agent.


The media reaction has been predictable. The FBI may have skipped some steps concerning an intrusive spy warrant that requires a sign off by a secret court, but there was no bias. Trump was wrong. Trump’s spy claim is debunked. So, that means what happened was sort of bad, but nothing major, right? Nope. And there is at least one liberal reporter who is calling out the media for their antics concerning this report. Michael Tracey, formerly of Young Turks, ran the no bias claims through the shredder on Twitter.

“That the media could be presenting this IG Report as “vindication” of the FBI once again shows how thoroughly corrupted the media is by their allegiance to the security state apparatus — predictable given how many former members of that apparatus are now employed by the media,” he tweeted. I mean just look at CNN’s line up of commentators and those over at MSNBC, some of which are James Comey lackeys.

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