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Liberals are the new Tea Party


OK, so Liberals are copy the “stalker” method of Congressional events  that the 2010 Tea Party used. Here’s the thing, can Liberals actually copy the act in full? Meaning; No Spitting, No Running, No Fighting, No Chewing Gum and well course yelling can be acceptable as long as it’s in a polite manner.  No “Sh*thead” remarks, but “Poopyhead” is pushing the limit. – PB/TK

Liberals are the new Tea Party – Updated by Sarah Kliffsarah@vox.com Feb 5, 2017, 1:25pm EST

Over the past two weeks, liberal activists have quietly and widely circulated a long Google spreadsheet. It contains the exact time, date, and location of more than 100 events that members of Congress will host in their districts this month.
It’s titled Town Hall Project 2018, and it is a battle plan, borrowed from an old foe: the Tea Party.
In their efforts to pressure Republicans to save the Affordable Care Act, liberals are increasingly copying the tactics of the conservative activists who mobilized against the law in 2009.
“We want to empower constituents to have face-to-face conversations, which we know from our organizing backgrounds can be powerful,” says Jimmy Dahman, who runs Town Hall Project 2018. “The goal of this project is to organize people in districts who are upset and frustrated.”



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