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March 13, 2023 – Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts (Takeaway Your Partisan Bullsh*t)


We live in a Partisan World because we like it, we need it, we want it because to put it simply we cannot handle the truth and/or reality.

Think about it, everything and anything can be a partisan talking point because we’ve been taught to do so over the past couple decades.

For example, a few months ago an eclectic Audi R8 was parked next to my car, I snapped a picture of it and put it on one of my social media accounts simply saying what a beautifully styled car it was. It took a matter of minutes before someone started clamoring about why am I pushing an electric vehicle and blah blah.

All I was doing was saying I liked the style, thought it was sweet looking, nothing absolutely nothing about whether it was gas or electric. But we live in knee jerk reaction moments, especially in the social media world and that’s why so many have fallen in love with the current political climate nor want to change from it.

Ok that’s polite way of saying people love the loudmouth “politicians” of today who bang pots instead of doing noteworthy work because that would be boring.

Imagine if Edward Murrow worked in today’s world and blasted Sen Joseph McCarthy on live tv as he did back in April 1954

Many on the Right would come to the aid of then Senator McCarthy, blaming biased Media, regardless of if they agreed with it him or not.

Now back to reality of the past week where I have to agree with “Speaker” McCarthy (I say “Speaker” because it took him 15x to kiss the right amount of ass to get the gavel and turned the position into a joke) when he said ‘Each Person Can Come Up with Their Own Conclusion’ in their decision of Tucker Carlson’s report of the 40,000 hours of released J6 footage.

Now grant it he also stated what footage had been released prior by the J6 committee had been one-sided, but so many watched J6 happen live on TV, what footage could be “one-sided.”

But here’s a question “Do people really think Carlson watched all 41,000 hours of released video?”

Let’s do some math: 41,000 hours of footage would equal about 1,708 days. So that would mean when Carlson received the J6 footage as reported on Feb 23, 2023, he would’ve had to watch 213 hours daily for 14 days straight.

Highly doubtful, as everyone should understand reality, he watched the snippets marked by his FOX Staff and Interns.

Anyway, what Carlson released was his version, his side of the story. No different then that McCarthy complained the J6 committee released to the public during their hearings.

Yes it’s freedom of speech but there’s got to be responsibility attached. Whether it’s Media or their overpaid partisan commentator’s responsibility for telling any narrative story.

People are so disgusted or disturbed for what we call “Media” these days that no one knows who to believe or trust.

Even when a network is busted for telling untruths, their most ardent viewer will not change the channel.

I still love back in May 2021 how Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde called the J6 rioters “simple tourists.” OK I paraphrased but it’s damn close.

We have issue with defending who’s right and wrong in their actions.

To this day people still defend Cliven Bundy’s hostile takeover of federal land and his son, Ammon, doing the same at an Oregon wildlife preserve.

If ya don’t remember the latter, 41 days Ammon and friends took over a federal building, burned federal property and then when evading federal agents their fellow conspirator Robert Finicum was killed in shootout. Yet somehow it was turned around to be the officer’s fault.

Hey, wait a minute, I thought the Right were law abiding citizens or is that only when the other side is in action?

The answer is simple; who’s telling the story.

Absolutely, one’s words can tug the emotions of a crowd. There’s no doubt all those that spoke on at the podium on January 6 knew their words would stoke the fire.

Don’t believe it, remember Ferguson, Missouri?

When it was announced that Officer Darren Wilson would not be charged in the death of teenager Michael Brown, Louis Head, stood on the hood of a police car and shouted, “Burn this motherf—er down” and “Burn this bitch down,” and the emotion of the crowd did that very thing.

So, who was in the wrong, the speaker or the crowd?

Same can be said about January 6 as well.

Words have meaning, it’s how those words are interpreted by the listeners that result in action; Do or Do Not

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the overpriced and stale peanut bowl and pay your political tab by listening closely, turn the channel and stop being a partisan schmuck.



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