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March 8, 2022: Today’s incoherent thought


Listen folks, now more then ever I’m tired of people whining about the Keystone Pipeline because of the main reason: That oil was never to be sold in the US, it was designated for exportation of the Continent!

Here’s some history for you, so sharpen your crayon and pay attention:

  • There are currently 3 of the 4 TransCanada/Keystone XL pipelines in operation
  • All that oil comes from the Tar Sands in Alberta Canada
  • The 4th pipeline, ya know the controversial one, is the only one that was shutdown due to various reasoning
  • The tar sands oil is the dirtiest oil of all and it’s sent down the pipeline to Nebraska, then heads Patoka, Illinois or to refineries in Cushing, Oklahoma / Houston, Texas / Nederlad, Louisiana.
  • After that travel and refining it’s then exported out of here.

Got it, do you understand?

Oh and those 100K jobs commentators squawked about, yeah it wasn’t that high as it was really less then 2,000.

Don’t get me wrong – a job is a job and that’s money to be sent in the community.

Which leads to another issue: Drilling… We do not need to drill for more oil per se, Shale oil wells are capped and ready to move, there’s tons of them across the Nation. We don’t need to open drilling in National Parks when there are so many capped wells already

OK don’t get me wrong, I’m no environmentalist by any means but the whole “dig now” movement is kinda mute when you consider the majority of the oil the US pumps out of the ground hits the export market

Last check there was something near 1.7 million active working oil (conventional and unconventional) wells in the US today. Now don’t mistake the term “capped well” for an “abandoned well” because abandoned means the taken out of production for various reasoning and “capped well” is basically sitting idle for as long as the gas/oil company feels necessary.

Meaning there’s oil waiting to be pumped out! But we already have 1.7 million working wells, so WTF are we getting bent over at the pump?

Simple answer: We export are oil !!!

According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency: “Following its historic shift to being a net exporter of petroleum in 2020, the United States continued to export more petroleum (which includes crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other liquids) than it imported in 2021.

Per the USEIA, in 2020 the United States exported about 8.51 MMb/d and imported about 7.86 MMb/d of petroleum. That’s million barrels per day for those playing at home.

Our oil wells produced close to 18.5 MMb/d and we consumed just under 18.15 MMb/d as well.

Does any of that make sense? We almost consume daily what we extract daily! Not to mention all that importing from other countries has actually declined over the past decade, has me wondering about that whole cry to become “energy independent”

Supposedly we were “energy independent” at the beginning of 2022 because the US export/import average was even. Since when does “breaking even” mean “independent?”

I actually heard someone the other day state that POTUS Joey should slap a freeze on gas prices, which I chuckled at because that was one of the biggest problems of the 1970’s, Government got involved.

Fact: March 6, 1973 then POTUS Dickie Nixon imposed price controls on oil and gas (as well as wages to fight inflation). It failed miserably

I can only imagine if that were to happen today, POTUS Biden slapping price controls to help skyrocketing prices would only be perceived as “Socialism, Communism. etc….” even though those companies would still have record breaking profits.

Yeppers, gas companies are most definitely making coin regardless of the historic event.

I ain’t an environmentalist but if you bought that SUV/Pick Up knowing full well the crap gas mileage written on the window sticker, ya got nothing to complain about or point a finger at.

Yes I feel bad for those Construction folks who need a pick up truck for work and having to shell out large cash be it a year ago or tomorrow.

No I don’t feel bad for those driving pick up trucks to carry their beer cooler to the tailgate every other Sunday.

And there’s the oil future speculators of Wall Street. Which is gonna be another rant for another time, because right now I’m getting tired of Political Ads heading into Primary season and the bullshit they spew.

Seriously it’s the same paragraph of so-called “ideas” read by different people telling us the other guys sucks only to support him/her when ya drop out of the race.

Hey McSwain who was that “Politician” who had arrested in PA anyway? Betcha he was someone out of politics for a couple decades?

That’s it, slap the tap, fill the coffee-kegger and don’t pay your political tab, because this will be the year you get to do your taxes on a postcard (still waiting for that political promise to happen)








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