Married teacher arrested for having sex with teen student


    Oh Look yet another teacher/student sexual relationship. What is with all these young female teachers hooking up with young male HS students – PB/TK

    Married teacher arrested for having sex with teen student – By Lia Eustachewich / June 21 2017

    A married teacher was busted for allegedly raping a 16-year-old student as they carried on a romantic relationship, according to reports.

    Lindsey Jarvis, 27, allegedly had sex with the underage boy when she worked as a social studies teacher at Woodford County Middle School in Kentucky, according to WKYT. 

    The victim told police that he slept with Jarvis, while his cellphone had evidence that he and the teacher were in a romantic relationship.

    An indictment charges Jarvis with sodomizing the victim in May 2016 and having sex with him a month later.

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