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May 22, 2022 – Today’s Inconsistent Thought (Oh Great [Senator] Scott)


I spent some of my Monday afternoon listening to Senator Tim Scott’s POTUS run announcement today – wait ok, I partially listened because i was working and the TV was on for background noise however I gotta say kudos to him for jumping into the shallow end of the wanna-be POTUS pool.

Let me stop there as I am not attacking Senator Scott because I rather like the guy and wish him the best on this venture and his speech seemed very genuine and intelligent compared to a few others who just vomit words in hopes of a headline

We need youth wanting to move this country forward not a bunch of has-beens or old men fighting over who gets sprinkles on their tapioca pudding.

Now I have to wonder about who or how many are gonna try to compare Senator Scott to POTUS Barry Obama?

Oh come on, it’s all there, front and center, so there’s gonna be some sort of comparison about a young, very articulate, very intelligent Afro-American wanting to do good and be a role model for youth.

Yea it’s a push for comparison but when you consider the incoherent ramblings of some politicians over the past decade, well I’d put a kindergartener against those folks any day.

In my opinion, the one thing that’s gonna be an anchor for Senator Scott is not his skin tone but his popularity on Capitol Hill as it seems he is very well liked by both sides of the aisle that some may slap a “Moderate” label on him.

POTUS Barry was never a fan favorite among those on the Right but POTUS Joey was too which many on the Right were happy he was chosen to be the VP Choice for young Barry. Although many of those on the Right were happy to see his Senate seat open only for the DEM’ers to keep it. (BTW looks like Delaware Senator Carper is set too retire but I wouldn’t bet on the DEM’ers losing that seat either.)

This is where I sat what the fuck is wrong with having moderates in Congress? Absolutely nothing as they are/were the ones to keep Congress moving and doing their jobs.

Reminder it’s “For the People” not “For the Party” 

Hmm, but as much as I was talking about the comparisons I’m actually waiting for the partisan talking heads on the Right say “We have our own black candidate….”

I do want to point one thing out that Senator Scott casually walked through today and that was his attack POTUS Joey about the fentanyl addiction in the US.

He did so in a way that was a few verbs and noun short from blaming it all on POTUS Joey, yet history shows us the addiction has been here for a long time.

On this very site, I like to do a daily “Today’s History Lesson” and as I was working days in advance low and behold on May 25, 2018 a record US fentanyl seizure of 120lbs confirmed by police in Nebraska in April, enough to kill 26 million people, one of largest drug busts in US history  https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-44244688

Who was POTUS in 2018?

That’s right! POTUS Donnie’s ass was sitting in the Oval Office.

And here’s the fun part of partisan talking head commentators, they’ll flip that story as a win for POTUS Donnie but had it happened on May 25, 2023 it would’ve been spun to how drug trafficking is out of control in US.

It’s easy to keep pushing the old story of drugs crossing the Southern Border, meanwhile it does cross the Northern Border but it’s not so dramatic to report.

Does anyone know how much fentanyl is shipped thru Amazon or USPS? Here’s a few:


Largest International Operation Against Darknet Trafficking of Fentanyl and Opioids Results in Record Arrests and Seizures | OPA | Department of Justice

Here’s the point of all this, Candidate X needs to standout and grab early attention so they make all kinds of bold claims while talking up their resume because they know the candidacy shine gonna fade until a huge rally or debate is scheduled for the masses to watch.

So for Senator Scott to outshine Trump, DeSantis, Haley and a few others he’s gotta do more than be well spoken, shake babies, kiss hands and smile while pushing the same old Party agenda.

Then again, Trump hasn’t attacked him with some dumbass nickname on his fledgling ‘Truth’ social media and now I can’t wait to see how that flies on Liberal media with racist claims.

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the stale peanut bowl and fill the gas tank now that’s it’s down $1 from 2022.. YIPPEE! I can afford a beef jerky stick now


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