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May 3, 2022 – The Day’s Thought


So the GOP wants to start slapping legislation revoking “special privileges” to companies that speak up against their newly located Conservativism. I say newly located because they seem to lose that perspective when they aren’t in complete power and especially during mid-term election because so many voters skip-out on voting this time of year

Guessing this is the “new” style of protesting. If a company voices their disagreement of a law, Congress is just gonna go after their “protections” to shut them up? Yeah yeah, someone can counter w/ “Libs & Hobby Lobby” or something like that, but Congress has to remember they created this mess by “fluffing” corporations for big $$ donations for decades.

I wonder how many of these members of Congress have stored away all things Disney in their house as of late? Sorry Timmy but you have to give up your Iron Man action figure because Tony Stark turned away from the Industrial Complex in the first Iron Man movie then went Eco Friendly in the first Avengers movie……


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