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May 4, 2023 – Today’s Inconsistent Thought (Master-debater?)


It was announced the other day that former POTUS Donnie is going to partake in a CNN Presidential something-or-other “talk” in New Hampshire on May 10.

Break out the Jiffy-Pop!

What’s curious is that a few days prior Donnie was throwing a social media tantrum about how he’s gonna skip out of the GOP Primary Debates because he wasn’t consulted about them.

It’s an attention grab, something Donnie is always good at doing.

So, what the hell is he thinking or better yet what the hell is CNN thinking?

Now I can understand not wanting to be part of the GOP Primary debates as I truly hate these debates.

Primary debates are worthless because nothing is ever truly said.  Honestly think about it, you get close to 10 people on stage, everyone gets 2 minutes to say why everyone sucks and they’re the one to save the country. Then comes the rebuttal after rebuttal after rebuttal.

OK I say rebuttal but it’s really interruption after interruption then someone waiting to go back a few questions to get their 60 second thought out there.

Absolutely nothing is said of a plan, except theirs is the best, by the next morning 1 or 2 dropout and this continues into the next debate.

Yes, Primary debates are always focused on the media slanted “front runner,” with that person getting attack and everyone knows how thin-skinned Donnie is.

He’s usual response is “I’m rubber You’re glue..” and some corny nickname that he’ll repeat till that person ends up kissing his ass all the way to the General Election (Yeppers, Christie, Cruz and especially Graham you guys still stocked up on chapstick?)

I’ve been calling for shock collars, cattle prods and silent mics during debates for years now to keep some sort of control. At least the attempted to mute the mics during one of the 2020 Presidential debates, too which Donnie protested byt holding his breathe and stomping feet but still showed up.

But why on Earth would he agree to a CNN New Hampshire townhall meeting?

Is it because the arena is too be more Donnie friendly with selected GOP’ers in the seats?

I believe it’s because there is no network safe haven for him to go for millions to see him.

Newsmax and One America News, while having a large Conservative viewership aren’t getting the Independent/ Non-Affiliated voter and let’s face it, the door ain’t as welcoming over at FOX these days for him.

So why not CNN, a network that’s struggling with viewership and the network’s new investors are very Donnie oriented. In other words they know how to get viewers and ad money for the event.

I’m expecting this spectacle to lean way in his favor with many of the questions being predetermined and if anything goes astray Donnie and cultish followers are gonna be all over social media screaming “RIGGED,” along with claims of highest-viewership in history.

It’s rather a smart move and i’ll probably watch some of it. That’ll depend on how much my stomach can handle.

Yet, if Donnie does skip out on the GOP’s Primary debates, I’m wondering who the media will consider the front runner going in; Haley, Pence, Hutchinson, or maybe Scott. Maybe just maybe Vivek Ramaswamy might turn out to the GOP’s Andrew Yang.

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the stale overpriced-thanks-to-inflation peanuts and pay your political tab because we’re about to experience another POTUS Campaign of Idiocracy.






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