Michael Bloomberg, Deval Patrick blindside Dem primary field (Politico)


    Michael Bloomberg, Deval Patrick blindside Dem primary field – By Marc Caputo and David Siders (Politico) / Nov 12 2019

    The two prospective presidential candidates would face long odds if they run — but each could unsettle the race in far-reaching ways.

    The center of the Democratic Party is throwing a fit.

    The party’s moderate wing has suddenly produced back-to-back threats of Michael Bloomberg and Deval Patrick entering the presidential primary, revealing its determination to have an imposing presence in a race shaped by unrestrained liberal policy prescriptions and candidates.

    The two potential candidates are expressions of the deep concern voiced by Democratic Party insiders and donors that the moderate frontrunner in the race, Joe Biden, is flawed and in danger of losing to a progressive alternative, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

    At a bare minimum, Bloomberg and Patrick stand to complicate — and potentially lengthen — the campaign.

    “The combination of Deval Patrick and Bloomberg entering the race blows up the primary,” said Quentin James, executive director of The Collective, a super PAC that supports African-American candidates.

    Bloomberg and Patrick would face long odds if they run — but each could unsettle the race in far-reaching ways.

    Bloomberg, a billionaire, could swamp his competitors in Super Tuesday states with advertising and remain a force deep into primary season with his nearly unlimited resources. Patrick, a former governor, could cut into the field in two key early states, and have a significant impact on the consolidation of the black vote.

    Because Patrick hails from Warren’s home state, he has built-in name recognition in New Hampshire, which shares its biggest media market with Boston, potentially sapping Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders of their neighboring state advantage there.

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    Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. | Al Drago/Getty Images


    1. By edryan221@gmail.com, 5th Street Peoples Emporium, Turners Falls, MA
      I witnessed Deval Patrick in action as Governor of Massachusetts. “Good Government” with “Audacious Vision”. Former Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick makes a great democratic nominee for President. Patrick can win as Biden slips in the polls because of Ukraine taint of corruption. Deval Patrick is a man of the people with a great heart. He is a solid alternative to the Billionaire Oligarchic efforts to destroy “Government for the people by the people” by attempting to buy the nomination as they spend millions on commercials.
      Deval Patrick is from Chicago’s south-side and was practicing law in 2006 when State Senate Obama candidate looked him up. It is no secret that Obama and go deep. In fact many correctly say that “ Patrick inspired Obama and Obama inspired America”. In no way is his bid for the presidency a long shot. African American voter are no longer beholden to Biden and want what Patrick can deliver. His “Audacious Vision” is inclusive, progressive and exciting.
      Biden is failing and dropping in the polls, and his problems are real. , Joe Biden’s “Perception of Corruption’ is amplified by the Trump Impeachment. Biden’s son Hunter lacked qualifications to serve on the Board of a Ukraine natural gas company that was owned by a corrupt oligarch who needed American government access. Hunter Biden was paid millions as Vice President Biden was the American official responsible for nurturing Ukraine ‘Good government Democracy. The conflict of interest, and maybe more is obvious. Furthermore, it looks like the Biden ‘father Son Team pay for play scheme toured globally with incidents in Romania and China.

      Billionaire Oligarch democrats like Bloomberg and Steyer have no valid place in the democratic or nay American party. They feel no compunction to prohibit the ultra-rich from buying seats of power in our government, because they are the ultra-rich. 73 percent of the US Senate is owned by Multi-Millionaires. All the Supreme Court and the Executive branch cabinet officers are multi-millionaires. These” One percenter has stolen our government. Duval Patrick authentic and believes political power comes from the people to always lead in the direction that is best for the people. He knows Americans have the right to make laws to protect democracy. Regulating the ultra-rich from taking a disproportional slice of political power is seemingly more necessary for Americans as we continue the witness the Billionaire Oligarch buying the political power then using that power to suite the needs of the rich regardless of what is best for the country.

      • it was just reported today that Biden, if elected, only plans to be a one term POTUS. Is this what the country needs, one term? DEM’s have limited bench players on the roster, just as the GOP did in the late 90’s and early 00’s. Someone like Bloomberg always wants to be in the game, he’s jumped Party many times as do many bc they see a threat to their seat and simply say X Party has lost its way and join the opposition (Think Arlen Spector)


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