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Michigan’s Historic “Right-to-Work” Repeal Goes Into Effect (TRUTHOUT)


Michigan’s Historic “Right-to-Work” Repeal Goes Into Effect – By Sharon Zhang (TRUTHOUT) / Feb 13, 2024

Michigan is the first state in nearly 60 years to repeal the anti-union law.

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In a major step forward for the labor movement, Michigan Democrats’ repeal of the state’s decade-old anti-union “right-to-work” law went into effect on Tuesday, making the state the first to overturn the law in nearly six decades.

Last March, the Democratically-controlled Michigan legislature passed the bill to toss the law aimed at hurting labor unions by allowing workers to opt out of union dues while still reaping benefits of unionization, costing unions resources and money. “Right-to-work” was originally established in Michigan in 2012, with the backing of right-wing dark money groups, who also lobbied against the bill last year.

Pro-labor groups have celebrated the law’s repeal, saying that it was a victory “decades in the making” as unions and labor advocates have fought against the law. The bill also restored the practice of the “prevailing wage” that requires workers on state projects to pay union wages and benefits.

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