Home Liberal Military Spouse Decries Trump’s False ‘Criminal Voter Fraud’ Allegation (Huffington Post)

Military Spouse Decries Trump’s False ‘Criminal Voter Fraud’ Allegation (Huffington Post)


Military Spouse Decries Trump’s False ‘Criminal Voter Fraud’ Allegation – By Mary Papenfuss (Huffington Post) / Nov 16 2020

Attorney Amy Rose, whose husband is an Air Force major, said it was “a shock” to learn their votes were included in Trump’s challenge to the Nevada election.

The wife of a U.S. Air Force major lashed out after she and her husband were falsely accused of “criminal voting fraud” in Nevada by Donald Trump’s campaign.

“We knew our votes were legal and we had done nothing wrong, but our integrity was being challenged,” attorney Amy Rose told The Military Times. She called it “upsetting” to be used to “undermine legitimate election results.”

“We take our duties as citizens very seriously, and it’s just a shock to see that this accusation had been made without any basis in fact,” Rose told NBC affiliate KSNV-TV in Las Vegas.



Rose, the former legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, said she and her husband voted by absentee ballot from Davis, California, where her husband is working on his doctorate.

Military personnel often vote by absentee ballot because they may be assigned to different locations — including overseas.

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