Minor Left Behind at Airport After Overbooked Flight


    There’s are many reasons as to why I hate flying and I’ve been on flights with unaccompanied minors too witness flight attendants handle these children with care. But for a flight to allow an unaccompanied minor to board a flight and then remove him because it’s overbooked is crazy. Plus the adult who got the seat, have some compassion, let the kid stay and you wait- PB/TK

    Minor Left Behind at Airport After Overbooked Flight  – By Janeen Christoff / July 21 2017

    A woman sending her son to meet family in Toulouse found him removed from the plane and left alone at Gatwick Airport after he had boarded the flight.

    Her 15-year-old child, Caper Read, boarded EasyJet flight EZY8333 to Toulouse as an unaccompanied minor, according to a report in the Guardian. He was then removed from the flight when another passenger also had the same seat assignment.

    EasyJet told the boy that the flight had been overbooked. Not knowing what to do, the child texted his mother, who returned to the airport, finally getting him on the last flight of the day to the destination.

    “It’s crazy,” Read’s mother, Stephanie Portal, told The Guardian. “They left him alone in departures. Luckily, I had still not got on board my train to London and could come back and find him.”

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