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Moms Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Stars Berate Their Kids For Too Many Mean Trump Jokes (Daily Wire)


Moms Of ‘Saturday Night Live’ Stars Berate Their Kids For Too Many Mean Trump Jokes – By Joseph Curl (dailywire.com) / May 13 2018

“Saturday Night Live” has been on a tear bashing President Trump ever since he got into office. But all that may soon change after the mothers of the late-night comedy show’s stars appeared on Saturday and had their say.

In a hilarious sketch, cast members introduced their mothers to the live audience — and then the mothers took over.

“Remember, I was in that production of “The Crucible” in high school?” said Mikey Day, standing alongside his mother, Sylvia. She replies, “Yeah, you know ‘The Crucible’s’ a lot like the witch hunt against President Trump.”

“OK, don’t love that! Let’s go!” says Day.

Luke Nell said to his mother, Cindy, “Mom, I love you because you always give me the best advice.” She says flatly, “Thanks, Luke. Here’s some more: Enough with the Trump jokes.” Nell says, “Mom, I don’t write those,” to which she replies, “And why doesn’t ‘SNL’ ever talk about crooked Hillary!?”

“Mom, I’m so new here, please do not do this to me,” Nell says as they walk off.

Cast member Chris Redd also said, “I’m new and I’m black, so be cool.” But she jumps right in. “I don’t understand why everyone’s focused on Trump at all when you should be focused on Jesus,” she said.

“Jesus isn’t president, Mom,” he pointed out.

“And that’s the problem!” she said.

“OK, c’mon,” Redd says as he leads her off the stage.

Colin Jost’s mother said she thinks Alec Baldwin “does a great Trump impression, but why does it have to be so mean? Who writes that stuff?” she asks.

“Yeah, I don’t know,” Jost says. “I guess it’s mostly Michael Che,” referring to his “Weekend Update” co-host.

Keenan Thompson’s mother said she likes the show, “except for all of the political stuff. We get it!”



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