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‘Monopoly for Millennials’: You can’t afford a house (WND)


‘Monopoly for Millennials’: You can’t afford a house – By WND Staff (wnd.com) / Nov 14 2018

Game pieces include bicycle, sunglasses, camera, hashtag

(PHILLY.COM) — Searching for the perfect holiday gift for that special millennial in your life? Why not get them a board game that will point out their crippling student loan debt and the unprecedented barriers their generation faces to entering the housing market?

In what is either a product created by a baby boomer who wanted to stereotype an entire generation or a work of satire conceived by a salty 20-something, Hasbro recently launched “Monopoly for Millennials,” a new spinoff that features the slogan: “Forget real estate. You can’t afford it anyway.”

Pictured on the top of the game, which is already out of stock on Walmart’s website, is Rich Uncle Pennybags and/or Mr. Monopoly, depending on which name you subscribe to. He’s dressed in his signature suit and top hat, but is also taking a selfie, holding a coffee — probably purchased alongside an $11 avocado toast — and sporting ear buds and a pinned-on participation medal.

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