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My delusional 2018 resolution: Be positive about ‘Shitholes” and a “Shithead POTUS”


A few weeks ago as we celebrated our arrival into the new year, I decided that politically I was going to remain positive, try to be less negative and yet if I bite my tongue any longer I will be unable to speak.

I have never liked Donnie Trump, reality star or POTUS, but as POTUS I’ll give anyone benefit of doubt even though he makes it entirely too hard to achieve open mindedness with him.

Yes he contradicts himself between Twitter comments and media interview.

Yes he’s an arrogant wealthy jackass who really doesn’t know crap about the common person no matter how much he says he does.

Yes his presidency (and life), thus far, have been a giant reality of Liberty Valance for his base to drool over. For those that don’t know, that when the fiction becomes fact and you roll with it.

Yes, he (like many before him) has the knack for slicing fact/history for his own narrative, only to wave off those that try to correct him as ‘fake news’ or detractors as his base regurgitates his misleading statements.

And yes, his bullying salesmanship seem to be causing more harm than good outside the US borders for the nation, but did you expect less brashness for him?

Wait I did say I was gonna be positive in 2018, right?

I understand his negotiating with DACA and the Border Wall, that’s expected.

I understand his openly talking about bad international deals, almost purposely publicly destroying any current negotiations thinking his ‘salesmanship’ will drive a better deal. And in some cases, bragging about the results only for months later to have reality set in for a downward ending (see Indiana’s Carrier Co. layoffs).

I, truly believe, that regardless of Party affiliation a successful POTUS is good for the US (unlike Rush Limbaugh who openly had hoped for Obama to fail thereby causing a mea culpa the following day).

And yes I do understand that the first year of a new POTUS is normally piggybacking off the previous administrations wins. Yes 7 years of continued employment growth was not because of short-term temporary gains by Obama.

Yet after last week’s ‘shithole’ comment during an Immigration meeting with a bipartisan Senate group, we got too see Media heads spin 360 degrees and repeat the term non-stop for 24 hours straight without a censor shock button being pressed.

Nope, I ain’t surprised that POTUS Donnie used a reference like ‘shithole’ to describe some of the less desirable nations around the World. Yes, Haiti, ain’t a garden spot and that’s because of centuries old deforestation that has caused most of the countries problems, well that and piss poor government.

(Haiti would be on the Left in the picture above and the Dominion Republic on the Right)

So yeah heavy rains, earthquakes and  hurricanes will turn the country upside down.

The term ‘shithole’ has been used by so many, generationally or not. You walk into a dinky bar/restaurant or even a friend’s new pad with your pals and more then likely you’re gonna turn your nose and say “what a shithole?”

But I’m not upset with POTUS Donnie for his word usage. Nope, I ain’t. Sure I’m disgusted by it, because the individual who’s to be the leader of the free world and positive model against evil sound more like a Hollywood stereotyped trailer park wanna be thug, yet I’m yet I don’t blame him.

You can argue with me about it, but too me, the term ‘shithole’ is not racist. But I can see how people can feel it is when POTUS Donnie says “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” then reference we need more people from countries like Norway.

I blame the asshole members of Congress, both DEM’er and GOP’er,  who ran from the Immigration meeting like a bunch of kindergarteners to the nearest open mic to let everyone know POTUS Donnie has a potty mouth and used bad words.

Yep, the Durbin’s and the Graham’s, the whole lot, had too let everyone know what was said behind closed doors only to add to ever growing mountain of crap the Administration keeps building on.

Exactly what was their expectation of divulging such information?

So now the likes of CNN’s Anna Navarro (and others) can go on a rant about how the term ‘shitholes’ is racist and besmirch her family’s history. Although, I do find humor as many of those GOP’ers began walking back the comment claim as soon as the racist backlash gave the Party a bad image.

But remember your history, POTUS Donnie comes the generation of POTUS LBJ and POTUS Dick Nixon, two of US histories biggest racist trash talker presidents to sit in the Oval Office.

So you can chalk this moment as a win for POTUS Donnie, he’s got my backing. Actually he’s received my backing on a couple issues, hell who knows maybe this ‘positive’ attitude will keep running or that maybe someone’s spiking my morning coffee-kegger

That’s it, slap the tap and pay your political tab since you can’t write it off as a donation thanks to the GOP tax plan any longer.





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