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Not a darn worth a difference between Boomers and Millenials


There is only so much a person can stomach when talking/reading/writing about Donnie and Hillary, eventually one needs to decompress especially in the mayhem that has turned into the 2016 campaign season. With that said, it leads me too three articles that have major cause for the mayhem in concerns of generations and the wave of misinformation one receives on the interweb.

We hear all the time how Millennial are screwing things up, we’ll get to that in a bit, however I’ve been saying for awhile now we should be blaming the Baby Boomers for today’s problems and WAPO’s Dana Milbank’s makes the point as too why?

Grant it that in Milbank’s 10/25 opinion page (https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2016/10/25/7d0c6a62-9aef-11e6-b3c9-f662adaa0048_story.html?utm_term=.94c98b48a3f5) he is talking about the blame of the “Boomer Presidency” and how they created today’s debacle of Trump/Clinton. He just says it with eloquence then I.

Think about it.

They are the first coddled generation as their parents, considered the greatest generation lived through 2 Wars and the Great Depression. Their parents didn’t want their child to end up in factories, coal mines or mills. Their parents pushed them to go to college and aspire as the world grew too fast for them to keep up.

The Baby Boomers pushed for the majority of the very same social programs they are currently against. They didn’t care who paid for it they expected government to do it for free. Now (!) they realize it’s they who are paying for it and are looking for “Slash/Burn” tactics while blaming younger generations for the problems.

They believed in Freedom of whatever, be it Speech, Sex and Religion. Today many want youth to shut up, believe in only one religion and monogamy is the only way.

It was they who perfected the protest and oh boy did they protest about everything, sometimes peacefully and other times with a form of violence.

They are, well, they were today’s Millennial.

Which leads me to another article titled “Dumb American Youth” by Townhall’s Walter E. Williams (http://townhall.com/columnists/walterewilliams/2016/10/26/dumb-american-youth-n2236346). Williams, like his counterpart Milbank, draws his ire to a generation as a major obstacle we will have to endeavor for many years to come, so his choice was the youngest voter, the Millennial.

No doubt today’s Millennial like their Baby Boomer grandparents have been overly coddled by mom, dad, grammie and pappy. So can you blame them for being a group of deeply sensitive, ignorant know-it-all, conceited lot of people?

They are the product of a society created by the Baby Boomers but have pushed those beliefs near the cliff’s edge. One should understand why so many favored Bernie Sanders entitlement world it was bred into them by their family tree.

Both generations have way too much in common but are too dense to look in the mirror, especially when politics are involved. Or should I say how they get their political info?

There has been a mass exodus of sorts from the traditional Media by both Baby Boomers and Millennial as the MSM is considered either to Liberal, one-sighted or too limited on info due to some higher management policy one story lead. Due to that thought, it has led many to search the interwed for their info or the love affair of political partisan commentary.

We don’t have time to read the story, we need to have it spork-fed to us while we drive or sit a minuscule cubicle at the office. It has led to the inundation of hyperpartisan websites with their partisan talking points is leading to generations of misinformation. You can find hundreds of such just on a Facebook or Google search.

Of course why wouldn’t someone want to go to a site called “procon.com” or “liberaloasis.com” to find your partisan Conservative/Liberal view or if you do not have a candidate of choice and see “so-so” has more Facebooks followers you may be inclined to skip the rest and stick with that person. These sites are doing exactly what people hate MSM does; manipulate the facts to their own liking.

See hyperpartisan and MSM are equal to that of Baby Boomers and Millennial, they won’t admit it but they are all the same, one giant hot mess screwing things up for the rest of us.

People need to pay attention to the meat of the story; the facts! Honestly there is about a paragraph worth of difference between an article on FOX and CNN, but it’s who is telling the story that justifies the reader/viewer belief in the source. But if a partisan site is telling the story, well it’s gotta be straight to the core, right?

Bullshit! Everyone knows the cardinal media jingle “If it bleeds it leads” so why wouldn’t any partisan source actually throw a whole lot of yellow journalism into the mix to keep you coming back.

Now I’ve already broken my cardinal jingle of never writing more than a person can read during the average crap…

CHEERS! And wash your hands dammit


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