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November 18 2021 – And another thought


Come on Alex, you’re really pushing for viewership with this one

You’re going against Trump, well ok not really going against him, but by calling him “Pigheaded” is nothing new to the masses that have followed him for decades.

Remember, Trump takes no blame, always has an excuse or a fall guy. He’s a used car salesmen selling a ‘Vette when it’s really a Chevette. But your biggest complaint is that he pushed “Warped Speed.”

I’m no fan of Trump, before-during-after his term, but I have agreed with him by some measure and “Warped Speed” was one of them.

How was Trump to profit from “Warped Speed?” Stock market gains for Pfizer, J&J? Or maybe political profit thinking everyone would bow down, lick his shoes and give him their vote?

Ok the latter is quite possible, but dear Alex as you sit their and write checks to victim families remember Trump stated he shut the country down to help stop the spread, so technically he has a greater hand in the current supply chain issue then people say.


Alex Jones Attacks Trump Because He Helped Develop the Covid Vaccines: He’s ‘Pigheaded’ – By Josh Feldman (Mediaite) / Nov 17 2021

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is SO against the covid-19 vaccines that he is attacking former President Donald Trump for developing them under his administration in the first place.

Jones was part of Tim Pool’s Tuesday Timcast along with Joe Rogan — the latter saying Ron DeSantis would be “the guy” for 2024 if Trump wasn’t in the picture.

“He’s strong, he’s reasonable, he’s calm, he’s made great judgement choices during this pandemic with Florida,” Rogan continued, repeatedly touting Florida’s covid-19 record.

CONTINUE > https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/alex-jones-attacks-trump-because-he-helped-develop-the-covid-vaccines-he-s-pigheaded/ar-AAQPuQ0?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531

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