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November 3, 2021 – The Day’s Thought


OK this made me laugh but it’s also completely logical considering the source.

So the very far leaning Left site Mediaite posted that former POTUS Donnie is upset that FOX News was late to the party in calling the Virginia Governor’s race to Glenn Youngkin.

First, I am not a resident of Virginia, but congrats to Mr Youngkin on his victory.

Actually that how it should’ve been done by anyone, be it the DEM Candidate Terry McAullife or Former POTUS Donnie or even current POTUS Joe. It’s called being respectful, something many in our society lack.

Secondly, who cares if FOX News waited to “Call Victory” to Mr Youngkin or Timmy’s win as dogcatcher. It’s called getting results correct first. That’s reporting!

Everyone should know exit polling is bogus through and through and when I personally see media calling a State/Municipality or whatever when polls just closed or only 1% of votes counted early, I call “bullshit.”

Yet, this is Donnie and everything is about him. He can’t go 60 seconds without interjecting himself in to the conversation or his false claims of a stolen election.

Yes folks, a year later and it’s still false, he lost. Arizona took votes away from him, Nevada found a guy casting his dead wife’s ballot for Donnie “Because she would’ve wanted him too win.” Sorry pal, that’s illegal and I thought only dead people voted for DEM’ers?

Anyways, Donnie you need to grow the f*ck up, route for the entire GOP Party (yes that means even those that didn’t kiss your fake tan ass), and help the Party. Stop being a hinderance, because every time you interject it takes away from those actually in government  trying to talk the issue but find themselves having to defend your words.

Oh yeah how was your gourmet wiener at Truist Park for Game 4 of the World Series in Atlanta? Ya know the same place and sport you called for a boycott months earlier because MLB pulled the All Star Game from due to Election Vote changes?

Kinda hypocritical but then again as much as you whine about FOX News you keep showing up, rather invited or not.

BTW, FOX News ratings are still high when you consider the alternatives in OAN and Newsmax are waaaaaaaaaaaay far to the Right for many Conservative attention

Slap the Tap and CHEERS to All, as we begin the latest season.

Nope not Thanksgiving or Christmas.. Mid-Term election campaign begging you for money especially when they’re telling you don’t have enough if the other guy wins



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