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Now I’m the d*ckhole white guy


So now I’m the dickhole white guy for voicing my opinion in concerns of the Starbucks/2 Black guy incident the other day.

Well I’ve been called worse for saying a lot less.

But let’s start from the beginning….

2 Black gentlemen went inside a Starbucks to use the restroom and were denied access, so they sat down without purchasing anything, not causing a commotion and keeping to themselves when a Starbucks manager asked them to leave. When they refused to leave, the manager called the police and media got involved. So now there is a backlash against Starbucks and the CEO had to put out an immediate statement, fire the manager, and have a sit down talk with the 2 gentlemen to hush stockholders.

OK that was a quick recap, but I got to the point.

So what did I say too piss off many folks;

“Sorry folks, but if you and your party are hanging out and not buying food/beverage, yes the establishment can ask you too leave the location. And, yes, if you do not leave after being asked, they can call the Police for trespassing. There’s nothing racial about it”

Guess it was the last sentence that people disagreed with.

But would people be in the same outrage with Starbucks had the 2 gentlemen were denied access to the restroom and simply left?

Would people be pissed if there were “No Public Restroom” or “Restroom for paying customer only” signs posted?

OK so maybe I have a guilty conscience but if I or my kid has to take a piss and there’s a sign that states “paying customer only,” well then buy the kid a pack of gum, hit the stall and take a seat.

Absolutely there are people who patron Starbucks or other coffee shops to use the free wifi but guarantee there’s a 2 hour old coffee or stake donut on the table with them.

Actually when looking at comments on social media for my statement, the partisan punches are noticeable.

I’ve said a lot in my writings and posts too which I have yet to walk back but may have had to clarify without taking a U-turn.

Yes I believe a business should be allowed to choice whom the service. Hey, it’s their decision, their bank account, their employees and their creditors that have to be answered too.

So yes, if a restaurant doesn’t want to serve children or a baker doesn’t want to make a cake, that’s their decision because there’s always another business that will be glad to take your money.

There’s always outrage when the Media reports of an employee who refused to serve a police officer, but would there be similar outrage if a Starbucks refused service to sweaty, dirty construction workers who needed a piss break who then decided to take a seat in protest?

Simple answer is no, why? Because there’s no 30 second emotion response in the story.  Yes folks, it’s a societal issue that does not have a correction

That’s it, slap the tap and hate me if ya want just leaves more peanuts for me


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