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Oct 9, 2022 – Inconsistent Thoughts


OK it’s been awhile but again that’s why it’s called “Inconsistent Thoughts” which really is a just a long rant on various topics to keep me on task for the 5-10 minutes it’ll take you to read this.

So please play along, enjoy, laugh, cry, drink a coffee-kegger and scratch your head as to why you read this in the first place.

But before we move on I need to ask this, is everyone ok?

Hey, I’m serious, are you okay, because for a few weeks I was getting way too many memes and posts about Society going apeshit about black mermaids, black elves in middle earth and entertainer Lizzo playing a crystal flute that had me wondering if the world was ending.

I mean did ya have to call off work and use a mental health day to get over this trauma?

Did ya homeschool the kiddos for the week so they wouldn’t be indoctrinated into some unearthly cult?

Or how about this, everyone check their freakin’ hysterical emotions at the door and realize that black elves and black mermaids do not exist.

Better yet ELVES AND MERMAIDS of any color, shape or form do not exist simply because they are fictional characters!

I mean I know it was hard for many to accept that there was a possibility of black stormtroopers in Star Wars Episode 7, but again fictional character + the clones were that of Jango Fett who wasn’t white.

I can only imagine how people will react when/if the actor Idris Elba ever becomes 007/James Bond.

But this is how Society is nowadays and it gets worse every year.

Think about it, the second a character in whatever series changes people flip sh*t about it or if a person just doesn’t like a series they cause issue and all of a sudden there’s some sort of cancelation boycott/protest happening.

Here’s an easy idea: TURN THE FREAKIN’ CHANNEL

For every “Modern Family (which really enjoyed)” there’s some jack wad pushing their moral compass and crying “indoctrination” or how the show “pains them” for the jokes.

What really hurts is that’s my generation, Generation X that’s no causing the issues.

We grew up the Cosby’s, A-Team, My Two Dads, and… wait stop there, that last one had nothing to do with a gay couple so stop your protest now.

If anything, please cancel Urkel and Balki, just for the annoyance factor.

The running joke nowadays is that any Mel Brooks movie like Blazing Saddles would now be 15 minutes long thanks today’s idiocy.

If you have a problem with most shows, then you better not go back to the 70’s and watch Maude and Archie Bunker, both of which brought us the Jeffersons.

Oh the racial issues may cause you to have an aneurism.

Like to see you watch the show Soap as well to just see your eyes begin to twitch.

Think about it, for all the current “Gay Indoctrination” people cry about, you or your parents were laughing at John Ritter pretending to be gay on Three’s Company or Tom Hanks in drag on Bossom Buddies.

Nope when it’s the punchline you’re all for it other than that it’s keyboard bravery on social media crying.

People just don’t know how to laugh or have a good time anymore

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s turn to canceling some reality, namely the Vice President

Wait let me rephrase that because I don’t need another conversation with Agent Smith and Jones again (Hi Guys!)

No, I’m talking about how it’s time for POTUS Joey to start looking for her replacement because she ain’t cutting it and has gaffed more times the POTUS Joey.

Look it ain’t misheard of that a sitting POTUS starts looking for a “more qualified” running mate and I say “more qualified” I mean more of an appeasement, token, pawn, gambit, or better to say suck up for votes candidate.

Madison, Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, McKinley and Nixon all had two while FDR had three. Ok to be fair, Nixon had two because Agnew resigned, but still it happens.

Ok I can’t say everyone hates Kamala, especially inside the Liberal Tent, but she most definitely needs to be replaced on the 2024 ticket if Biden decides to run for a 2nd term (Oh and BTW, POTUS Joey please don’t run again in 2024, it’s time to move on).

VP Kamala was an appeasement choice, much like Trump choosing Pence for the Catholic Right vote and to make the GOP feel better, much like Obama choosing Biden to make all of Congress feel safe thanks to Biden’s long Congressional tenure.

VP Kamala’s biggest downfall is that of the Biden Administration keeping her away from the spotlight, keeping away from the camera until they can throw her out there and showing the world that she’s still a political novice. Kinda like how the McCain campaign did to Sarah Palin in the 2008 race.

But yes, it’s time for Biden to take the swan song ride out of DC and shame on the DEM’ers for truly not preparing their roster to move forward.

And while we’re talking about moving on, yes it’s also time for the GOP’ers to walk away from Donnie and I’m mean with urgency.

MOVE. NOW. MOVE AS FAST AS YOU CAN, but don’t make it look like you’re trying to run

Seriously as much as the DEM’ers look to appease everyone possible the GOP’ers are doing the same and neither is gonna get far.

It doesn’t matter who becomes the front runner if Donnie stays in Mar-a-largo in 2024, he’s gonna trash them, try to get more and more camera time, taking away from the candidates.

Yep, DeSantis seems to be the golden boy at the moment, yet Donnie’s already taking his shots at him.

But does the Party think that if they give Donnie the cold shoulder there’ll be a revolt?

Get a spine, chin up and move on because believe it or not, your roster is in better condition for 2024 then the DEM’ers. Run with it, give Donnie his golden pacifier, turn off Don Don Jr’s mic as well and get your tent in order.

OK that’s it, I’ve rambled long enough and this would’ve sounded so much better as an audible rant.

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the peanut bowl and pay your political tab.. Oh and please stop talking about kitty litter boxes in middle school bathrooms or rainbow-colored Halloween fentanyl.

You people will believe anything on the internet, Qanon anyone?





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