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October 26, 2022 – Today’s Inconsistent Thoughts


OK it’s that time when I think I have enough thoughts tumbling around in my head to punch the keyboard a few times and realize some inconsistant thoughts.

1. WTH PA? – After watching the Fetterman/Oz debate, I’m glad to say “THANK GOD THERE WAS ONLY ONE DEBATE!”

Seriously, an hour was way to long for this trainwreck.

I get it, Fetterman has health issues and honestly I kinda like the idea of the questions on a big board behind the moderator but it’s quite obvious why Fetterman and his campaign didn’t want one in the first place: He ain’t a good orator.

Fetterman’s campaign failed at prepping the candidate for this debate.

Sure people are gonna say “how do you prep?” Well it’s pretty simple and it all starts with the f*cking big screen the campaign requested! Get a freaking TV, hire someone to act like a moderator (I can name a few radio hosts who would’ve taken that cash), and oh I don’t know get someone to play “Thurston Howell” as the opposition.

Yes the timing between the moderator, closed caption and the 60 second or less timeframe would take down the most confident of speaker. Face it, no one won that debate simply because Oz is a seasoned public speaker and even though he didn’t completely answer the questions, he did just enough intelligent inaudible response to make a difference.

2. ARMING THE NEIGHBORHOOD – Just in time for the Midterms, the neighborhood watch goes “Rambo” to protect the voter drop off boxes.

Oh you folks, always looking for a way to to show your guns off and the lack of common sense that consumes ya

Hold that thought, I’m not against anyone right to the 2nd Amendment however I am against stupidity because these actions can be considered “voter intimidation”

In today’s screwed up society, many people would not cast that ballot of there’s an armed individual nearby, and if ain’t just one drop box it could be others in the district

And I surely do not want to hear about a shootout between voters at one of these either.

Oh it can happen, because that’s how trigger happy folks would/will be

There’s too much stupidity and lack of knowledge as to what happens at the polls but folks are too controlled by their favorite partisan tv talker to know better

I challange everyone to become a volunteer poll worker and learn what happens behand the scenes instead of what you’re told by media

Triple dog dare ya

3. Make 9/11 required learning – Why are State governments making or trying to make 9/11 a requirement in school history class?

It’s American History, it’s part of life and for crying out loud no one will “Never Forget” because it’s a daily discussion all the time in Anywhere, USA!

I remember my niece telling me how she hated history class because they spent so much time on American Revolution, US Civil War, WWI, WWII but then immediately glanced over the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

In my head the simple answer is simply because the Korean War was considered a tie and the US pulled out of Vietnam, so we can only talk about winning.

Which comes to the point of how States, well more like Political Parties want to control what is taught in school. They only want to teach the good, happy ending topics

That’s called “propaganda” and it’s what we’ve mocked North Korea, China and Russia about for decades

No, history is history and it should be taught. Teach about the “Trail of Tears,” teach about the “Vietnam War,” and don’t powder coat give the damn facts without partisan political bullshit.

Too follow up, I still don’t understand the whole “Book Ban” deal today. Um, y’all do realize modern technology means kids can find those books easily on their laptop, iPad and iPhone devices right?

4. Supply Chain – So what’s the deal? – Believe it or not, part of the Supply Chain has gotten itself back together.

Yeppers, shipping ports have swung around and the gridlock is almost gone. Too bad the other dominos are still standing as there’s still a shortage of drivers plus other logistical issues.

Looks like Christmas is gonna be even more expensive.

But does anyone believe prices are gonna go down when all these hurdles are cleared? Ya know like everyone gets their regular shipment of goods to produce more so we can can consume more because the simple answer is gonna be a solid “NOPE”

Yeah, no matter how much a politician repeats the claim that they can lower prices to save your wallet, well you’re gullible to no end.

Hey Doc Oz said at Tuesday’s debate, “the federal minimum is too low and the desire to raise to $15/hour is even too low” So in other words, the higher you get paid the higher the product cost goes.

Then again Oz also talked about being Energy Independent and that PA fracking should be sold overseas to our allies.

Um, that’s not being energy independent, that’s what we’re doing now dipshit.

Prices are going to continue to rise for multiple reasons and you’re a fool to believe politicians are gonna save you money.

Ok, maybe a few cents but not the amount they promise

That’s it, slap the tap, pass the stale peanut bowl and go vote!


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