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October 8, 2021 – The Day’s Thought


What the hell is this all about?

Yeah it’s well known in DC to leave no crisis go to waste (Or is it no crisis should go to waste?) when it comes to fundraising/campaigning and yes everything is a campaign tag line. but it’s getting a bit disturbing.

How many on the Right went ape-shit when POTUS Barry (Obama) did such a maneuver during his term and it’s safe to say that those on the Left are horrible at retaliation outrage but come on now, people need to speak out about this

So what am I ranting about, well looks like POTUS Donnie has gone out and began using COVID 19 as a fundraising mechanism. To be clearer about it, the death totals have come in to play.

Maybe it’s a misread knee jerk reaction but it looks pretty clear about it.


Trump statement on Covid death toll


What say you? Looking into something too much? A bit of hatred on my part against POTUS Donnie?

I sure would like to hear what the bereaving families of the deceased (regardless of political affiliation) have to say?

I’ve said repeatedly, don’t let campaigns use your likeness or story to be part of their venture. They don’t care about you, they only want the sympathy of the tragedy to profit for their coffers. Because when it’s done, you get tossed aside and forgotten about

That’s it, slap the tap and enjoy the weekend



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