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OK, My Bad….


Ok, my bad….  Over the past few months I’ve given MILO some praise for his First Amendment rights even though (by some research) to find that he is not a US Citizen. Now the accent didn’t give it away, but it’s funny that so many have taken his side even though he is basically mocking us without permit.

But while in our country, the law is the law and he’s pushing the goalposts back every time.

MILO, yeah I know I spell in it CAPS but that’s more for fun then giving real meaning, has pushed the limits and shown the hypocrisy of both the two major political parties. While one wants to shut him up yet calling for others of the same disdain to speak up, the other party praises him even though everything about him is against their mantra.

And then he fell off the edge of the envelope this week with his advocating sex with young teens. But remember, he’s a  provocateur that’s what he is supposed to do; go to the edge and see who will follow. Yes, he’s gotten well over his 15 minutes of stardom, but to keep that fame and spotlight you have to keep it going by poking further and hope the push back doesn’t bruise.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your opinion) the push back could mean his career is on life support.

Just remember, James O’Keefe was the media darling after his ACORN video was released some time ago and soon after the complete uncensored video was released that showed his clever rouse. Even Andrew Breitbart stated he was conned by O’Keefe. And today O’Keefe is still making “documentary” videos that people buy into and never question.

MILO’s diatribes aren’t for everyone, it’s all salt in the wound but the pain tolerance depends on who you are. It will be interesting to see of hierarchy of Breitbart stands behind their little opportunist or bows to their employees who have threatened to walk if he still keeps a paycheck.

Then again, how can you stand behind someone who wants to bring back the Jelly Bracelet craze? Come on, a whole forearm full of ’em while on Maher’s show. No fashion sense from a gay man (yes that was sarcasm!)

That’s it, pay the political tab and keep coming back to politicallybrewed.com


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