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Opinion: Are Democrats Really This Dumb? (Townhall)


Opinion: Are Democrats Really This Dumb? – By Derek Hunter (Townhall) / January 19 2021

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You’d think with the inauguration of Joe Biden tomorrow, and the special election in Georgia two weeks ago, that the fundraising emails would dry up. If you thought that, you’d be wrong. Not only have they not stopped, they haven’t even slowed down. And they’ve gotten dumber. That they keep coming implies they work, that they work makes me think Democrats are really, really dumb.

There isn’t much Democrats won’t try to exploit when money is on the line. We’ve seen them fundraise off of murders and riots, so nothing is sacred in pursuit of the dollar. Here are some quotes from a few of the most paranoid, angry, and just plain dumb fundraising emails Democrats have sent in just the last week. (Any and all spelling and grammar errors, like the idiocy in the words, are all theirs. ALL emails were sent on January 16th.)

“Convicting Trump isn’t just about ending his presidency. It’s about making sure he can NEVER run for office again. That’s why we NEED Trump to be convicted. But without your support, we’ll fall short of our 50,000 donation goal and fail miserably. So Derek, can you rush a $5 or $25 donation to pressure the Senate to CONVICT Trump and ensure he NEVER runs for office again?” At least they admit it’s about preventing President Trump from running ever again, how $25 bucks from some sucker, of 50,000 suckers, who think conviction is even a remote possibility remains a mystery.

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