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Opinion | Dumbing Down Education In The Name Of ‘Decolonization’ (Daily Wire)


Opinion | Dumbing Down Education In The Name Of ‘Decolonization’ – By Matt Walsh (Daily Wire) / April 17, 2024

It’s not every day that a ribbon-cutting ceremony in the Democratic Republic of Congo attracts international media attention. Normally, Congo flies under the radar, even though it’s actually one of the biggest countries in the world — it’s bigger than Mexico, believe it or not. But a couple of years ago, this incredible footage from the capital of Congo was picked up by the Western media. It’s from the grand opening of a footbridge that was apparently a big deal for the locals. Here’s how it went:

It’s a little like the collapse of that bridge in Baltimore, except in this case, a barge didn’t need to hit anything. All they had to do was cut the ribbon and stand on the bridge, and the whole thing came crashing down on them. Fortunately, no one was hurt in that incident. It got a few laughs on social media and everyone moved on.

In retrospect, however, the collapse of that footbridge in Congo’s capital was more than just a meme on the internet. It was a practical manifestation of something that Western academics now want to import into this country. There is a concerted effort underway in universities all over the world to “decolonize” mathematics, engineering, and science in general. It’s been generations since Congo was under Belgian rule, so presumably that footbridge is a great example of decolonized engineering. And now the West wants to emulate it.

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