Opinion | There’s something more dangerous than the ‘Big Lie’ (MSN)


    Opinion | There’s something more dangerous than the ‘Big Lie’ – By Laura Thornton (The Hill) / July 3, 2022

    In a recent Jan. 6 hearing, Georgia election official Gabriel Sterling revealed the most important insight into our current democratic challenges. He was describing how he painstakingly went through each false election claim put forward by one of his family members. When the list was exhausted, the family member acknowledged the evidence presented but declared that it didn’t matter. He knew “in his heart” the election was stolen.

    We need to understand and address this mindset to find our way forward as a democracy and a society. It’s not about the lie, but what lies beneath.

    In winning hearts and minds, we cannot neglect hearts.

    Many of us concerned about democracy fret endlessly about information integrity. We discuss regulations on social media and other channels to stop the flow of dis/mal/mis information. We invest in debunking false information. We worry about our inability to penetrate certain information bubbles with the truth. Many articles were written about Fox News not airing the first Jan. 6 hearing or Tucker Carlson’s show never cutting to commercial. All because we believe somehow if people could just see and hear the truth — if we reach their minds — it will be better.

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