Opinion | Understanding America’s U-turn on Israel’s military operation in Gaza (Jerusalem Post)


    Opinion | Understanding America’s U-turn on Israel’s military operation in Gaza – By Leonid Baratz (Jerusalem Post) / April 13, 2024

    In considering the potential future scenarios between the US and Israel regarding actions in Rafah and the broader Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there are at least two scenarios.

    Five months after the Israeli military operation began in response to the Hamas attack on October 7, a palpable shift in American public opinion and media coverage unfolded, signaling a reevaluation of the complex geopolitical dynamics at play.

    Initially, Operation Swords of Iron garnered widespread support within the United States, viewed through the lens of Israel’s right to defend itself against external terrorist threats. The two main goals were to ensure the destruction of Hamas (and although this was not officially announced, also of other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip), and the release of the hostages taken by Hamas. This narrative, heavily propagated by mainstream media, emphasized the operation as a necessary response to immediate security concerns.

    As weeks turned into months, a more critical examination of the military operation emerged. A pivotal factor in this shift was the humanitarian impact of the operation. Social media and so-called independent journalists and influencers, fueled by Qatari and Iranian propaganda, served as a counter-narrative to the initial pro-Israel coverage. This caused a broader section of the American public to question Israel’s motives and policies, prompting considerations in the highest echelons of power of the complexities involved in such operations.

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