Opinion | Woke Students Will Outgrow It (Wall Street Journal)


    Opinion | Woke Students Will Outgrow It – By Michael Segal (Wall Street Journal) / Dec 18, 2023

    ‘Intersectionality’ has thrived on campus, but it won’t survive now that it’s being exposed to sunlight.

    You might have been shocked to see American college students demonstrate in support of Hamas. But we should be careful not to overreact and expect the U.S. to degenerate into such hatred.

    The support for Hamas’s goal of destroying Israel didn’t surprise anyone who has followed the comments sections of student newspapers, where readers have advocated such horrific plans for years. What is new is that these ideas have emerged into public attention.

    Even support for Hamas’s Islamic supremacist ideology didn’t surprise anyone reading student newspapers. The most significant change in students’ moral philosophy in recent years has been the popularity of an identity-based ideology known as “intersectionality” that demands special privileges for all groups deemed oppressed. Intersectionality creates a pecking order with blacks, Muslims, and LGBTs on top and whites, East Asians and Jews on the bottom. The result is a zany coalition in which gay-hating Islamic supremacists and gay intersectionality devotees go to the same demonstrations, and groups emerge that sound like parodies, such as Queers for Palestine.

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