Outburst by Las Vegas judge results in ethics charges (Las Vegas Review-Journal)


    Outburst by Las Vegas judge results in ethics charges – By David Ferrara (Las Vegas Review-Journal) / Sept 15 2020

    A Las Vegas judge is facing ethics charges after an outburst directed at a potential juror during a child rape trial resulted in an overturned verdict.

    The Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline laid out formal allegations against District Judge Richard Scotti, who swore and hurled a pocket U.S. Constitution against a courtroom wall during jury selection in the 2017 trial of a man prosecutors said spent two years luring children with candy and molesting them in his northeast valley apartment complex.

    Courtroom video captured the judge’s actions.

    A prospective juror had told the judge she could not be unbiased because of her exposure to child abuse in her job as a nurse, according to court records.

    Scotti, the commission’s prosecuting officer wrote last week, appeared to believe that was “a contrived excuse to avoid jury service.”

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