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please enjoy the tale of “Zombie Donald Trump” by ConJay


Political science, hell life in general, has proved how parents can influence a child’s mind especially when it comes to politics/current events. In my house, however, it only proofs we have way too many electronics on at any given after reading a school project written by my son, “ConJay.”

The imagination of a child is a wonderful thing and my son amazes me every day, especially when it comes to storytelling. So when I was checking out his latest stack of school work and I saw a cover that stated “this is not school appropriate” I smacked my head and pulled out the paperwork in a completely hazardous fashion, as is it was going to explode upon touch.

As a side note to this story, my son has Aspberger’s and we were once told by his Pre-K teacher he has no imagination or creativity and how it may affect him later in life.

So as I read the fictional short story of current events by young ConJay, my eyes began to tear and chuckled immediately. I glossed over the spelling & punctuation corrections as I know some of those are caused by the wonderful interweb sites and memes we as adults so enjoy, yet apparently the teacher lacks a sense of humor. For example “doges” is a meme character that is a dog as well has “Justin Beaver” whom of course if reference for Justin Beiber.

I must share this because well it’s damn funny (yes I’m biased), plus shows how current events and how we influence those around us.
Now please enjoy the tale of “Zombie Donald Trump”

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