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Political Ramblings On My Iphone


Finally decided too make a few minutes available to get my writing itch back, yet I found myself distracted by a constant empty coffee kegger or the attention deprived St Bernard snoring on the couch to leave me staring blankly at the laptop.

So here I am flipping thru my Slacker radio stations hoping to find something good to listen to only to find quite a few (incoherent) rambles on my iPhone.

Well, I guess since i’ve already have done some leg work, I might as well roll with it;

1. It’s getting way to stupid out there to have a decent conversation on just about anything without someone having to raise their voice and begin to yell over the other to prove their point or feel the need to defend their words. I should know, I’ve found myself in these conversations at the kitchen island as of late.

It appears everyone needs to a label on the playground of life; but who wants to be the fat kid getting picked last at political verbal dodgeball?

Does it really matter if someone’s wearing a “MAGA” hat or seen still sporting their “Hillary” bumper stickers?

Give it a rest folks, 2016’s been over for awhile so let’s move on even if the Donnie and Hillary fanbase is stuck in neutral

2. Speaking of labels, it still cracks me up how quick people are too judge when someone disagrees with the Party line, especially the GOP’ers.


Yeppers it’s always funny watching people throw stones on the ‘walk of shame’ when someone disagrees with their Party and hurling insults of “traitor” because everyone knows you’re supposed to approve all things Party related.

3. I tire of the blame game of today’s volatile society. I don’t blame Obama or Donnie, I blame the far ends of their respected Parties for digging and hurling insults only to cry foul, throw a punch and then blame the other.

It’s been brewing for years, thanks to Cable news political commentators for bringing their loud/obnoxious voice as the norm, simply because it gets ratings. I don’t care whom you listen or watch, it’s doesn’t matter of the belligerent guest is lib/con, they all have them and they should be shock collared.

Seriously, a sarcastic comment or snicker is no reason to begin hurling colorful language or even a punch. Nor is it insulting or profane to wear a shirt stating ‘Trump is a jagoff’ but yes it is insulting to wear a shirt with a lynching on it.

We copy what we see. We speak as we hear.

4. Social media has given everyone their outlet, especially those that are afraid to be heard in fear of being shouted down or feel the need to begin a fight that they can simply click post and watch the arguments begin or simply don’t have the mentality/education to win.

We’ve become a society where vulgarity is used to explain an issue, no matter the setting, no matter the time. We’ve lost mannerism and WE have ourselves to blame, not a POTUS.

Yes a business can ask someone to leave the premises for being a dick, just like the NYC lawyer last May who made a scene as he complained inside a Mexican Restuarant because the employees spoke spanish. I wait hear how he handles his chinese takeout orders.

Yes a business can ask someone to leave the premises for harrassing a customer wearing a hajib, as a business did in california.

And Yes, a business can refuse service to family because they don’t allow kids during dinner hours or whatever reasoning.

If my grandfather were alive and heard me swear in public, he’d smack me in the back of the head and remind me of manners.

5. People will gladly blame the other Party for the country’s ills, turn blind-eye to their own Party’s downfalls and never admit fault. Just look at the battle cry of term limits, many bark about it as long as it’s the opposition but never for their guy or gal. We’ll never see Congressional (or SCOTUS) term limits actually enacted even though technically you already hold the golden ticket.

Yeppers, you want term limits then for now on, come Primary/Election day, you vote that multi-termed member out.

That Senator’s gonna go for the third term then you vote against ’em in the Primary. But there lays the problem, if they survive the Primary, would ya vote against ’em in November?

No need to answer because unamiously everyone will fall in line and save the Party.

6. Why do female pornstars were hi-heels with their bikinis poolside? Seriously I go to the local pools and there ain’t no hot mom dressed like that, i mean how are they gonna chase their kids in heels while holding their coffee and reading the 12th installment of 50 Shades

7. It still amazes me that in a country that exploits everything and anything to make a dollar that someone has not found a way to commercialize Sept 11 or Pearl Harbor

Sure some obscure NYC mattress store attempted with their falling towers of mattress ad and the blow back was much needed in it’s poor taste.

Companies profit every July 4th, every Memorial Day, hell even Veterans Day is exploited with advertisements to get you thru the front door to save 10% on outdoor cookware and bug spray

We have no shame either as well jump on the deals and forgetting the meaning of those holidays.

No wonder kids today celebrate the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus more and more as they climb mountains of presents in loud pastel clothes while gnawing on chocolate.
The true meaning of those dates are lost with each generation

Hell, we’ve even found a way to profit on Election Day. Yep, you can down a coffe-kegger and eat a donut while waiting to vote and then drown your sorrows (or party uncontrollable) in alcohol and pizza to end the day.

8. Speaking of Sept 11, I wonder how many “Never Forget” memes will be passed on Social Media as people’s pseudo-patriotic ways wane over the years.

Think about it, Labor Day marks the end of summer and the time of year when people remove ‘Ol Glory so proudly displayed in front of their homes and replaced by their Alma Mater colors or fave NFL Team.

Then again, POTUS Donnie’s already brought the “kneeling” argument back before kick-off 2018, so I wonder how many will wait till after Sept 11.

The issue was going away before he brought it up during the 2016, but nope he’s gotta open his mouth to keep himself in the spotlight/headlines. That was proved during the weeklong rememberance of Sen McCain and Donnie couldn’t get a headline no matter how hard he tried.

9. I love the jobs report. Well I love hearing and the spin that follows by the partisan talking heads. Any number north of 100,000 is a good sign for the economy as well as unemployment %’s dropping. But the spin oh the spin

The number is the focal point, but very little is spent on the market sector on growth, including the wage division. But it’s the end of summer and we should start to see a drop in the Manufacturing with the “tariff” war brewing between the US & China, Mexico, Europe, Canada, Korea and possibly Japan

OK, I’m done, well actually I ran out of rambles and W.A.S.P’s “Blind in Texas” just started playing on my phone. That’s means it’s time to slap the tap, pass the peanuts and pay your political tab



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