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POTUS Donnie and his Middle Eastern Nostradamus moment


WOW! What an awesome weekend the US had.

No i’m not talking about the Golden Globes or the Patriots losing in the NFL playoffs. Nope I’m talking about how POTUS Donnie always finds a way to make himself the headline (especially after a very slow holiday news cycle) and managed to kill an adversary’s top general, disrupt the oil stock market and piss off about 60-70 of our allies with one action.

I really need to check my Nostradamus quatrains about how WWIII begins because I dont think he ever referred to a pompous egomanical jackass as the cause.

Yes, I’m talking about US and Iranian leadership equally.

Let’s remember a few things about this past weekends actions: It’s only good when it’s your guy pushing the buttons and everything happens during Election Season.

Yep, the man who believes himself a master of deflection and branding is all rested up from golfing over the Christmas holiday and is ready to poke everyone with sticks heading into Campaign coverage.

Folks, it’s a Election Season and that’s when Congress actually works with legislation actually passing. Well not all, the controversial stuff needs to stay on the table because it’s great stump speech material.

And there are way too many of you out there who, regardless of Party, take those podium promises like needle and spoon because you’re a junkie for divisive talk and you feed the beast by buying everything and anything in merchandise or donation.

It wasn’t long ago then Citizen Donnie proclaimed that then POTUS Barry (that’s Barack for those playing at home) would attack Iran to help him get re-elected. And here we stand seeing POTUS Donnie basically doing the same.

It’s a maneuver any politician will make to up their popularity numbers. We insist awakening sleeping bear in cycles. Hey we’ve been too busy chasing Al Qaeda and ISIS around the Globe too which as late they’ve been very quiet, so let’s fuck with Iran because they’re always good for a week or two worth of headlines, especially a rather long slow 2 week news cycle.

Let’s remember we’ve had history, good and bad, with Iran since the 1950’s and only since the Iranian Revolution of the 1970’s did relations falter.

While everyone has been reviving POTUS Barry’s “pallets of cash” to get Iran to the table, many forget that the “pallets” were actually Iranian cash that was paid to the US for services never completed due to the Iranian Revolution. Every year, Iran took the US to the World Court to get the cash back.

The one funny thing about everyone’s use of the “pallets” is they also forget that POTUS Ronnie (Reagan) paid off the Iranians with the currency of weapons in their role in the Iran-Contra ordeal in 1985 & 1986.

But that was history long long time ago, so it’s easier not to bring up. Plus it’s only bad when a DEM’er POTUS does something, never a GOP’er.

That “pallets of cash” was also a lot smaller then POTUS Donnie keeps repeating. It wasn’t $150 billion, it was more like $100 billion less, but then Donnie is very big about over-estimating numbers.

Hey this ain’t a Donnie bitch, this is about regardless of Party, the man in the Oval Office needs to find a way going into an Election Season to keep the politically partisan circle jerk stroking his ego.

We only have to go back and look at March 2018 to see when POTUS Donnie started teasing his base by pulling out of POTUS Barry’s Iranian Nuclear Deal to which Iran thumb their noses at him. Nothing changed and months later came the “12 Demands” that again had Iran laughing.

When all else fails in diplomacy, it’s easier to just slap sanctions on an adversary and that’s the next step. From oil to pistachios to gold to carpets, business was not allowed to deal with Iran and apparently known of that really worked as our allies kept working with the Iranians leaving this administration to pull another straw out and finally declare elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign “terrorist” organization.

Which leads us to this past weekend’s event because “intelligence” had the smallest of sliver of possibility of something could happen.

So how do we know this “intelligence” was correct, especially from the guy who has knocked our intelligence community as incompetent from Day One in the Oval Office. Plus, our “intelligence” community in the Middle East hasn’t been good to begin with, we only have to go to Colin Powell and Iraq in 2003.

I truly love (Yes Sarcasm) the divisive angle brought on by politicians and moderators over how Barry and Donnie have handled Iran, it equals that of North Korea.

People freaked when Candidate Barry said he’d talk to North Korea yet applauded POTUS Donnie for getting ‘lil Kim and company to the table.


Yes folks, both Barry and Donnie brought to whackjob led nuclear ambitious countries to the table to talk and nothing happened in the end except polishing two POTUS egos. Yet the base of either Party will never actually pay attention to understand

Oh let’s not forget Social Media’s role in the stigma of stupidity. Yep thanks to many false rumors of a “draft,” people crashed the Selective Services website over the weekend. No not to enlist, but to check on their status and see if they can get find any loopholes to get their name of the list.

I’m sure someone will read that last paragraph and cry that it was a bunch of p*ssy liberals afraid to serve under Commander “Bone Spurs.”

That’s it, slap the tap, the coffee-keggers gone dry so pay your political tab



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