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Progressive advocacy groups spend big against Republican tax cuts bill in local ads (Daily Kos)


Progressive advocacy groups spend big against Republican tax cuts bill in local ads  – By Joan McCarter  (dailykos.com) / Nov 20 2017

Twenty-five House Republicans are back home for a week-long Thanksgiving break, just in time to see the local airwaves plastered with their faces and their vote on the “Millionaire Bill,” Greg Sargent reports.

The animating idea is that the GOP tax proposals—which will be featured in the ads—are likely to prove toxic among both those constituencies, and particularly among those working-class whites who switched from Barack Obama to Trump. […]
The ads are paid for by Not One Penny, a campaign launched by progressive groups to oppose all tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires and big corporations. Tim Hogan, a spokesman for the group, confirmed to me that it would soon announce an ad buy of more than $1 million, targeting 25 House GOP districts, with around a dozen of them heavy on working-class white voters.

The ads have a double message, according to Sargent: first that the wealthy get the bulk of the benefit from the cuts, and second that the cuts will endanger safety net programs in the future starting with the $25 billion Medicare that would be forced immediately. About half of the target districts will be “heavy on working-class whites, ones that are also gettable for Democrats, such as Poliquin’s in Maine; Iowa’s 1st and 3rd; and Illinois’ 12th,” but the remainder will be districts that went for Clinton in 2016.

Another group created to fight Obamacare repeal, Save My Care, launched national broadcast ads urging the Senate to reject the bill, as well as individual ads targeting Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME), John McCain (R-AZ), and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). They’re following up those ads with a five-figure digital ad campaign against 14 Republican House members, many of whom are also on Not One Penny’s list.

With all of them home for the week and getting blasted by these ads, now is exactly the time they need to hear from us. If you have a Republican representative or senator, call. Visit their office. Raise some hell.

Jam your senators’ phone lines at (202) 224-3121. Tell them to vote “no” on the Republican tax bill.


PB/TK – Currently the Senate is screwing themselves with amendments such as Obamacare Repeal or taking away giveaways like credit on College Loan Interests. One can make all the calls they want, get carpel tunnel and writers cramps, big money and special interests are way ahead of you by laughing at your little billboards. 


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