Protest wasn’t cleared for Trump photo op – report (BBC)


    Protest wasn’t cleared for Trump photo op – report – By BBC Newsroom (BBC) / June 10 2021

    US Park Police did not disperse racial justice protesters in Washington last year so that then-President Donald Trump could pose for photos, a report has found.

    Officers used chemical irritant and rubber bullets to clear Lafayette Park on 1 June.

    Those present were protesting against the police killing of George Floyd.

    Soon after, Mr Trump posed for photographs holding a Bible outside the nearby St John’s Episcopal Church.

    The episode was heavily criticised by religious leaders and senior Democrats, who accused him of using a church building and the Bible for partisan political purposes.

    But the report, conducted by the Interior Office, said US Park Police (USPP) officers cleared the area in order for anti-scale fencing to be installed by contractors.


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