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P*ssy punching Trump websites gets lawsuit


Oh come on man. Grow a set of balls and some thicker skin.

If POTUS Donnie thought people would throw roses at his feet and erect monuments in his likeness he really needs to check his ego at the door. The man who loves the spotlight but not any of the negatives gets a bit whiny when someone mocks him.

And people called POTUS Barry a diva.

For eight years, Liberals put up and laughed with all the Obama jokes, mocks, cartoons and negative imagery by Conservatives.. Wait scratch that because not all that disliked POTUS Barry were all Conservatives, some were just plain old full of hatred folks. And with that, not all POTUS Donnie haters are Liberals, but it’s easy to label all as such even though there are quite a few GOP’ers not in his corner.

Yet there is a big diva difference between Barry and Donnie. Barry was able to give/take a mocking, not too mention hit himself as well. Yet Donnie, it’s all image and image is his moneymaker or to use legal terms; intellectual property rights and he has everything from his name, likeness, hell even his hair copyrighted. So I’m not surprised that when a 17 year old San Francisco girl created a website that allows people to hit POTUS Donnie with kitten paws that he set to the lawyers to her doorstep demanding a “cease and desist” order.

Cheers for the p*ssy.. No not POTUS Donnie but for those on the website.

Yes the right of publicity, commonly known as personality rights, is in full action by POTUS Donnie’s lawyers and anyone who uses it in the negative will get a knock on their door. Honestly, POTUS Donnie should call his ol’ pal Gov Arnie about the move from private citizen to public servant when it comes to right of publicity.

Gov Arnie had a few right of publicity lawsuits as Cali Gov. The quickest to come to mind was the lawsuit against an Ohio bobblehead maker who designed a bobblehead in his likeness; suit, tie, bandoleer and machine gun. Gov Arnie sent the lawyers to control the situation and in the end both sides settled on two conditions; the bobblehead can stay sans machine gun and a portion of each sale goes to charity.

However, I don’t see POTUS Donnie allowing anyone to profit positively/negatively off his likeness be it bobblehead or booklet. Come to think about it, Hillary has bigger balls then POTUS Donnie because I do not recall Hill or Bill suing anyone on right to publicity because if they did Dick Morris would be a very poor individual.


Continue to yahoo.com article: https://www.yahoo.com/news/teen-made-website-where-kittens-130015650.html





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