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Quick Rant -We are the cause of societal woes, so grow up


In the heat of an argument, the one that hurls insults is usually the one that feels vulnerable. That or they are chickensh*ts that have no play left in the argument so they resort to name calling thinking they’ll win.

What truly makes me laugh is that there’s a semi large group of people that think only white people are the only American, or to steal the phrase from the movie Idiocracy “UMERICAN.” People don’t know Peter from Paul but just because you have a darker skin tone, talk with an accent, well then you just came off the boat or crossed over the Southern border.

Yes ignorance reigns supreme.

And no I do not blame the Inauguration of POTUS Donnie or even POTUS Barry for this downward spiral for it has been a trending slide for too long. We see more of it thanks to the Interweb and 90% of the people owning a cell phone.

Video shaming has been a fad for too long. People recording mocks of race or physical/mental handicap or even worse recording of sexual assault to be tossed around for friends to see on text or download, all of which at one end getting viewed by a younger generation that knows no better and sees at as a norm.

A learned behavior that comes from adults. No wonder simple manners have been lost thru generations. Maybe I’m too old school when it comes to public appearance and behavior; opening doors, saying “pardon me” or “thank you” too strangers with a smile.

It’s not a snowflake thing either, it’s just mannerism, an art that has been lost.

So yes if you want to be ignorant then be so, but remember it’s you whom your child emulates most of all.

Just remember if your kid mocks mine and he returns the favor don’t cry to me that my child is a bully and your “sweet” did no wrong.

CNN “What to make of these viral racist rants?” –

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