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Radaction Thursday is here (and some quick thoughts)


It’s been awhile since I last had some time to write something, well actually anything of political other then on post-it notes and coffee stained napkins.

So here’s a few thoughts:

When the redacted Mueller Report gets released, restaurants and bars should jump at the opportunity hold some sort of special. Ya know, redact all prices on the menu so the customer has no clue what they’re spending till the bill arrives


Well the day as finally arrived, so are you ready?

Of course I’m talking about the much anticipated Mueller Report that will either have people orgasmic or going limp with details.

Sure the 400 page report will be redacted and it should be (if people understand the legal aspect of it), so my guess is we’ll see a total of 170 pages of actual words, leaving the rest as one giant black smear.

And no, holding the pages up to the light won’t help.

Yet in the end the will be a huge difference of opinion from those that read the report opposed to those that are told by their favorite partisan talker what the report said.

Or everyone can sit and wait for the misleading memes to hit social media


What’s in a name?

So many are having fun mocking Robert O’Rourke’s name?


I’m sorry, that’s his true name, it’s the use of “Beto” that has many poking fun at the latest DEM’s great political hope.

The mocking is rather comical, especially from those on the Right who have backed others who’ve gone by other monikers; Rafeal “Ted” Cruz, Piyush “Bobby” Jindal and let’s not forget Willard “Mitt” Romney.

Yeah, those are so much cooler then the real thing


2020 campaign kicking into gear

What am I saying, POTUS Donnie took the “Campaigner in Chief” title from POTUS Barry minutes after winning the Nov 8 2016 election and hasn’t stopped.

Here I thought the constant campaigning was a bad thing (or so I was told) after 8 years of POTUS Barry, but hey there’s that hypocrisy of American politics thing when it’s bad for the opposition but glorious for their own.

Now excuse me, there’s another POTUS Donnie tweet from the back 9 at Mar-Largo posting


Someone better re-enforce the stage

I’m all for variety but there’s gotta be an occupancy limit for the DEM’ers hopeful stage.

Have we not learned from the GOP’s 2016 overbloated candidacy field about “too much?”

Hey it’s still early, maybe one or four more folks will jump head first into the shallow end of the pool


Too many villians

I was wondering who would step up and take the throne away from Hillary as the villians for the GOP to rally around. Leave it to the DEM’ers to offer more then one.

Yeah Hillary’s reign of villainy had to come to an end and ol’ Nancy Pelosi ain’t really giving much to get punched but for two rookies in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar share the crown just 4 months into their DC careers is quite alarming.

Seriously, there wasn’t even a draft or raffle or bracket, it was pretty quick rise to the top.

But can there be too many political villians for the opposition base to rally against?


That’s it, slap the tap and I can toss these quick coffee stained napkins in the garbage. Now I’m gonna use my seriously reduced 2018 tax return to pay the tab


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