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Rally Against Political Violence Held Outside White House


A bit late to call for calm. We spent the majority of 2016/2017 with pundits (that would be your fake news) clamoring/bragging/name calling/denouncing everything they could interpret/dissect for their listening base to swallow with violent rage. But now(!) it’s gotta stop?

The majority of Americans get their news between the hours of 700p-1100p Mon-Fri on Cable news. Guess what, those hours are filled with PUNDITS/COMMENTATORS, not actual journalists. there’s your fake news. Hell the National Enquirer reports more realistic and better researched material – PB/TK

Rally Against Political Violence Held Outside White House – By Emerald Robinson / June 26 2017

Several hundred conservatives gathered today in front of the White House for a Rally Against Political Violence organized by author and filmmaker Jack Posobiec . The rally was held in response to the violent shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and others at a Congressional baseball practice.

Many social media icons and activists took the stage in what Posobiec described as a “peace rally.” “I want it to be a warm hug to everyone in America today. A warm hug to say we can disagree on politics, we can disagree on which healthcare bill we want passed, but we don’t have to resort to violence or violent rhetoric,” explained Posobiec.

Well-known social media personality Michael Cernovich, who also spoke at the rally, called for the need for civil discussion among groups of differing opinions. He also called-out “Fake News Media” whom he says is inciting violence and discord with charged language. “Your phone is your best weapon,” he said while encouraging the crowd to be a catalyst for change.

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