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Randomly placed thoughts on coffee stained napkins


Too many thoughts and little time has me writing a few quick rants that I have jotted down on Post-It notes and napkins that’ll hopefully make some sense.

So let’s have at it…..

Hey it’s been year since this site opened and we still have a heartbeat, so suck on that you social media detractors!

OK, got that out of the way so now I gotta ask: Does anyone truly care about Sen Collins “talking stick” hype?

If had to have heard about this, right? Sen. Collins has an African ‘talking stick’ that she used in meetings with colleagues during the ‘great government weekend shutdown’ so everyone could have a turn to talk.

Yep that’s right, Sen Collins treated members of Congress like children and had to let everyone have a turn at uninterrupted talk by holding a stick. But ya know what, Congress is a bunch if snot-nosed whiny brats that need to be treated like such because they argue relentlessly with each other and can’t wait to tell someone (nearest camera) what so-so did.

Grow up!


And speaking of the ‘great government weekend shutdown,’ absolutely DEM’ers got bent and they couldn’t grab the KY Jelly quick enough.

Yet, as soon as the DEM’ers bent over, GOP’ers smiled and claimed victory. There’s nothing to be proud or smile about when it comes to any government shutdown because in the end the taxpayers get screwed by having to shell retro-pay to government employees, there’s a loss in revenue and government contractors get screwed as well.

So go ahead and pat each other on the back and be proud the stunt only lasted 48 hours because ‘tick tock tick tock’ the clock is gonna strike in 3 weeks and you still haven’t produce squat to avert it happening again.

It’s time for Congress to start punching the clock and pack a lunch to earn their keep. GET A LONG TERM BUDGET DONE OR LEAVE D.C. NOW!


Speaking of punching the clock, looks like many DEM’ers are on life support as their faithful base is reaching for pitchforks over their poor performance over DACA. Just ask Chuckie Schumer as many visited is NY home for a late night vigil.


It’s a smart move by POTUS Donnie’s lawyer to not allow him to be recorded when he sits down with Mueller & Co. in a few weeks.

I say this because like any deposition, one needs to be rehearsed and strict to give confident, scripted answers. That’s something POTUS Donnie can do.

However, if he becomes comfy in the leather chair, plus add a camera or microphone, hell throw in a selected reporter to witness and “BOOM” PT Barnum the showman appears and he goes off course.


And finally, whether it’s high school, college or pro football I love it. So yes, just like millions worldwide I will be watching the Eagles vs. Patsy Super Bowl this weekend.

However, the interest in the resurrection of the XFL leaves me skeptical. I remember the 2001 season, I watched it and, well outside the combining stupidity of poor commentators, halftime locker room cameras, and player name mockery the actual play was too be expected; decent. But many of the camera innovations such as the skycam we enjoy and the NFL overuses today came from the XFL.

Yea I can only hope Vinnie Mac & Co. realize to succeed the XFL has too stay a Spring League, must have name value (please no Johnny Manzel) and absolutely no WWE crossover gimmick as before.

If this is a stunt in hopes that the fans who ‘supposedly’ walkaway while players took knees will tune in, you’ll need more then a half time casket match to survive, brother. (Plus I don’t think you’re gonna get NBC to buy the tv rights again like last time)

That’s it, slap the tap and pay your political tab because it’s short/sweet but unlike Congress I actually work for my keep



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